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::TCotV:: You're back now it's okay by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: You're back now it's okay
So I've been meaning to upload this picture for a while but now that I have a boyfriend he requires the majority of my time eheh.
Anyways this is just a Raven and Crow picture of them in her den as the downpour starts and he feels awful for leaving for so long, and with a new scar on Raven's face he feels even more guilty. Idk it's just a sort of sad homecoming sort of thing. 
I'm working on a lot of couple oriented pieces for February mainly revolving around RavenCrow, BumbleWinter, HeatherAdder, ShardLexus, and other ships/official couples. 
I haven't forgotten the requests! Note that if you said all of your cats i'm probably drawing at least 3 to 4 pieces for you ^-^; Which is a butt ton but i'm slowly working on them, I'm trying to develop some sort of better style so if you see a few different or unique parts to your canvas don't be alarmed i'm just working on my kitty style. Things take time guys !!! Goodness I hardly have any bc of well my boyfriend, school's preparing us for the big tests at the end of the 3rd quater and idk i haven't even been napping lately ! UGH anyways i'll get on top of things soon guys ilysm!! 

Ravenstar {c} Badluckbadkat
Crowfall {c} momma-SHIN 
Group - TheClansoftheValley 
    Since the event is finally at a close and I have nothing really cool to do I was thinking of opening requests to members of 
TheClansoftheValley ! Now I'll be doing these all week bc I missed you guys so much you have no clue! Now don't be afraid to ask me bc I really want to do these things c: The limit number of cats on a canvas though is 3 since the canvas would have to be kinda big to fit like 4 or 5 so only 3 cats to a canvas please c:
    I'm also open for ART TRADES this week as well! Since it's been so long since I've had a good art trade i've decided to open some up for members of TheClansoftheValley only. These things will be taking place ALL WEEK so, the 25th through the 31st of January ! 

i want to draw them all 
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::TCotV:: Meadow and Thornclan Adoptables by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: Meadow and Thornclan Adoptables
So I decided to make some adoptables since Meadow and Thornclan are a little behind in cat numbers compared to
Cloverclan(it has like one more character slot open omg) so I made these adoptables for these two clans in hopes of maybe filling
them in and adding more activity to them bc they're really cool clans tbh
    I already gave them names but you can change them if you want to or have to. Below I'll just put some little slot things and all you have to do is comment with certain information about the cat you wish to adopt c: 
    Information Required in comment:
    Clan: Meadow/Thorn
    Personality: (just a few traits nothing too serious)
    Background: (important things you might want to add to flesh it out and sway me)

Well that's all really you need below i'll put some slots for each cat and we'll see how it goes c:

    1.  One-eye
    Taken by [ pheonixdragonhorse ]

    2. Halfpool
    Taken by [blank]

    3. Russetdapple
    Taken by [blank]

    4.  Moonsnow  
    Taken by [ oO-Kestrelsmoke-Oo ]

    5. Cedarshadow
    Taken by [blank]

    6. Riverstone  
    Taken by [ Attic-Salt-Storms ]  

By the way this is not first come first serve I want to make sure these adoptables get the best use from their owner so if more than one person applies for a cat i'll see which character is more fleshed out and then that will be that. I'm sorry I just really like these designs and I want them to be used and be active in their clan. I also really like Halfpool and Moonsnow so those will have to be fleshed out the most or have something special in them when you apply for them, I just really like these designs okay? Anyways this is just a small adoptables sheet and so that's why i'm being super strict on who gets who, but I won't be bias I swear c: 
Group - TheClansoftheValley 
lineart isn't mine I searched up some lineart and picked the simplest one 
::TCotV:: red rain by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: red rain
Now I know I should've waited but I just finished and I honestly love the results so here's the final picture for this event.
After all the heat and the hunger and the fighting it finally rains. Smallpaw(which I want to focus more on) is looking up in shock at the
wonder. It's been ages since it's last rained and in the heat of the bloody angry fight she stopped and stared up, scratched up with a bloody nose. It then began to pour. Which probably means everyone retreated or something. But since the event or well part 4 is over i decided to draw this as the icing on top. 
It's been a blast spamming art for mainly the entire week and I plan to do more so now that I have more time on my hands than ever. 
But for this event this is probably the last thing I'll draw in relationships to it other than a few Ravenstar scenes. I'm probably going to produce some adoptables, maybe a hypokit sheet, and then i'll try to focus on either continuing the revamping of all my old applications or i'll probably do a few TheClansoftheValley requests and strictly those(maybe art trades???if i'm feeling a little saucy???) But yeah it's bee a great week and a pretty heavy one at that! 

Group - TheClansoftheValley
Smallpaw {c} Badluckbadkat

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