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Female l Forever Single l America

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Hey there, well if you're on my page now it's nice to meet you! Well this message will meet you. I'm Badluckbadkat, you can call me anything you're comfortable with. I really don't mind what you call me. I'm an average female (in my mind anyways), I like to draw, write, watch horror movies, eat sugar wafers, play Pokemon, watch anime, fangirl, cats, and a whole bunch of other shit. I'm a pretty vulgar person, I won't hestitate to cuss, so please be okay with that. I try to be funny even though i'm not so expect bad jokes aha. I've actually been on Deviantart for 4 years, I've moved accounts twice. So hopefully this will be the final one. I'm glad I actually have some watchers. Uhh, I'm just going to put a few stamps at the bottom, so maybe one will catch your interest and we can fangirl together sometime? Yeah. Have a nice day, or night, or afternoon? Aha...ha.

Pokemon by Toxic-Fox-GirlIt's Okay To Say Kawaii Stamp by TinkalilaCode Geass :: Stamp by o0-Azrael-0ostamp :: pierced by octobre-rougeOne Hell Of A Butler by DragonCodex
Black butler fanstamp Alois Trancy by XiahismSleep - Stamp by SuyyOnline friends stamp by SuyyOnline friends stamp.. again by SuyyVocaloid Stamp by maxari4
Horror Stamp by sequelleSurelyYouWillDieHere by endlerRPG Horror Game Love Stamp by vomitcuntForever lazy by prosaixDisconnected Stamp by SparklyDest
Mirai Nikki stamp by SolusNoxBread Cat Stamp by xXEclipseTheCatXxCandy Stamp by fear-the-brillianceSinnoh Fan Stamp by EmpovyleUnova Fan Stamp by Empovyle
Fiore Fan Stamp by EmpovyleEevee Stamp by IttichyCharmander Stamp by IttichyVulpix Fan Stamp by Unknown-Shadow66- Warriors Stamp - by toonartt
american horror story stamp 3 by blackestrose-13AHS Stamp v4 by silklungsHetalia Japan Stamp by leadervanceSweater Weather Stamp by Kezzi-RoseNightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Copyright ~ image by OtomeNishiki


::TCotV:: Waspblaze and Leapstar's first date by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: Waspblaze and Leapstar's first date
I decided to do a thing. So here is the Gender bent date! We have Waspblaze showing his darling leader the meadow. I wanted to draw something cute and sweet before ruining the mood with horrible feels. So here we go. I made up the word bit, I didn't find a song to fit so here we go. 

 And I swear I'll love you forever if you let me, 
Because girl, you're all my dreams in one. 
I want to hold your hand until the sun rises and
I want to hold you tight until the early morning light shines on us.
I hope you believe me when I tell you that I love you.


Leapstar {c} TheClansOf-TheValley
Waspblaze/ Sweetbee Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: Genderbent Sweetbee by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: Genderbent Sweetbee
Here I drew a Genderbent Sweetbee, Aka Waspblaze. 

  Waspblaze would probably be the same as Sweetbee but probably more hard headed. So yeah. Take something simple. I'm about to flood your feels box with feels. 
::TCotV:: THEY BRING US DEATH by Badluckbadkat
The finale of the Medicine at event. I have Sweetbee sprinting to tell everyone that the birds will only bring death. I did black birds and I threw in some mice because it's like 2:30am and i'm outta ideas. I drew four cat on one canvas and i'm damn proud of myself! Aha! I really like Emberpaw's Lineart atually. I wanted to draw a small hunting patrol so I did Nettlepounce and her apprentice Emberpaw and I drew Foxscar because every hunting patrol needs a manly man. 

"If feathers line your prey pile they will also line your graves"

  Sweetbee heard the message loud and clear. Her heart felt a drop in it as she stood next to her apprentice Falconpaw. Her eyes widened as they faded away from the starry plain. She couldn't believe what had happened. She felt a pure rush of heated panic in her bones as she looked at her apprentice some what shaking. "Falconpaw..they'll kill us all." she whispered in a shaky tone. her apprentice was shaken as well. Normally the stoic tom wouldn't budge at some nightmare but this was different. He had wide eyes and was speechless when usually he had everything to say. "We need to warn the others...back at camp." he finally choked out. Sweetbee said in a quick reply, "Falconpaw, we have to get back to camp..NOW." The two both said their shaky farewells to the others, obviously most of them were chilled or shaken to the bone from their dreams. It was day by then, dawn at earliest and noon at latest. 
  The two made their way not stopping once to talk. Obviously they knew that a hutning patrol would arrive around then and if birds did fall into the pile, they would be sure to be stricken with some kind of epidemic. It was predictable that these birds weren't good news at all. Sweetbee's stamina was running low and she stopped to catch her breath. "Sweetbee! Common! We got to get to camp" Falconpaw urged her. "Falconpaw..go on ahead and warn Leapstar. I'll catch up. Please." she was panting. She had sprung up and had been thrown into panic as soon as she woke so her muscles were strained from the moment she decided to dart up and run. She watched as Falconpaw gave her a frustrated look and ran up ahead. Such a good tom. Hopefully Leapstar hears the memo. I need to reach the hunting patrol as soon as I can! She tried to keep determined. Sweetbee began running again and was near camp. As she saw the patrol she tried catching up. She saw black feathers. NO. NO NO NO! BIRDS. she screamed inside her mind. She meet them at the prey pile. Choking out a yell. " THE FEATHERS! THE BIRDS! GET RID OF THEM, THEY'LL KILL US ALL!" he was in a flurry of panic and fear. Emberpaw stoped and looked at her dazed and confused holding a black bird in her jaws. Nettleponce neary stumbled and with wide nervous eyes stared at Sweetbee whispering loudly this time, " Sweetbeewhat's going on?!" she seemed very afraid, her ears flattened against her skull and her tail dropped. Foxscar had set down a bird and in his deeper voice with an actually surprised looked asked her, "What are you talking about?!" he stopped mid-setp and stared at her his amber eyes wide with shock at the unusual yell from Sweetbee.

Nettlepounce {c} TheClansOf-TheValley
Foxscar & Sweetbee {c} Badluckbadkat
Emberpaw {c} Squiggy13
group - TheClansoftheValley
::TCotV:: Safe and Sound by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: Safe and Sound

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

   So I decided to draw my two favorite cynical siblings Wooddapple and Mudspider cuddling in the cold weather because it's fuckin cold where i'm at and I redid her reference today. I feel like i've been putting off redrawing her so I redrew her and I decided to make some art or it because why not? I chose the song safe and sound because they only have each other and it just fit the scene correctly. I hope it looks pretty okay. It's nearly 3am and I need to wake up in 3 hours and 20 minutes so hot damn school is going to kill me tomorrow! Aha! Art comes first I haven't uploaded anything in a while so take my energy and my art. Geez school will be a pain ; - ;

Wooddaple {c} Badluckbadkat
Mudspider {c} catfanatic
Group - TheClansoftheValley
::TCotV:: Wooddapple by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: Wooddapple

. " I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I'm out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."
. " Fear is stupid. So are regrets . "
. " Fame doesn't fulfill you. It warms you a bit, but that warmth is temporary. "
. " I have feelings too. I am still human. All I want is to be loved, for myself and for my talent. "
. " I used to get the feeling, and sometimes I still get it, that sometimes I was fooling somebody; I don't know who or what, maybe myself. "


:: Name: Wooddapple
:: Past Names: Woodkit, Woodpaw
:: Clan: Thornclan
:: Rank: Warrior
:: Gender: Female

:: Reason for name ::  
.....: Prefix: Wood - Her fur color is the color of tree bark during the winter
.....: Suffix: Dapple - The light parts of her fur look dappled in the sun light

:: Starting age: 2 years
:: Currant age: 2 years
:: Breed Reference: American Short hair

:: Past Mentor:  

:: Current Mentor:  

:: Past Apprentices:  

:: Current Apprentices:  




:: Written Appearance ::  
   A short fuzzy brown cat with light brown and darker brown blotches with periwinkle eyes. 

:: Body Structure ::  
  Short, sturdy and yet feminine. With a fluffy body to make her appear shorter then she actually is. 

:: Size and Height: 
  Short, average female weight. 

:: Fur Length and Texture ::  
   Wooddapple's fur is medium length to long. The feel of the ufr is fine and smooth like silk from the abundance of grooming she does. 

:: Noticeable Features ::
x  Periwinkle eyes
x  Short stature, smaller then the average cat

:: Scars ::  
  None, she be flawless

:: Scent :: 
    Wooddapple's scent consists of lilies and dew. The lily scent marking her sides and tail fur, while the dew smell stains her paws, cheek fur and ears. 

:: Eye Color ::  




:: Sexuality ::  

.: Orientation:  
.: Looking for:  
.: Relationship Status:  
.: Activity:  
.: Turn Ons in a Potential:  
   :bulletblue: Mysterious - Wooddapple is all about those dark strangers who are mysterious. If she knows to much about you she'll lose interest, if she knows to little she'll get frustrated and leave. So the right amount of the strange vibe will probably get her hot on your trail~
  :bulletwhite: Sweet but only to her - If the tom is sweet to any pretty face she won't feel special, but a tough guy sweet for only her will make her go nuts! She day dreams about these things.
  :bulletblack: Tough Guys - She likes tough tom cats that can take care of themselves and don't need any babying. She isn't a mother so she likes toms who can handle themselves. Like her brother. 
.: Turn Offs in a Potential:  
   :bulletblue: HYPER ACTIVE TOMS - Any tom who is overly cheery and just way to bubbly in a sense will make her go bonkers. She is a very strict cat and doesn't want to deal with overly excited kit that somehow became a warrior. 
  :bulletwhite: Players - If you can't stick to one cat that get outta her face. She isn't interested in being cheated on. It will ignite her horrible temper.
   :bulletblack: Air heads - If you can't pay attention to someone talking then how can you pay attention to any orders given? Thats right you can't. She isn't interested in air brained cats. 

.: Currently Attracted to:  
 :bulletblue:  No one yet. 


:: Personality ::  
[ Vain-Self centered ] - [ Strict ] - [ Stubborn ] - [ Cynical ]

  Wooddapple is vain, and she knows it. She loves herself. She has a high sense of beauty and she enjoys looking at her reflection and grooming herself. She likes looking her best at all times of the day. She was raised by a vain arrogant female so obviously that vain trait would be passed on to her daughter. She doesn't care if you find her to vain, she loves herself and finds nothing wrong about it. Other then her high sense of self, Wooddapple is a strict cat. She follows orders and enforces them to those who aren't doing things right. She takes pride in knowing the warrior code by heart. She was a hard worker, she has been working her tail off since her apprentice days and doesn't want all of that to go to trash. She will correct you if your behavior is out of line, and she won't care if you yell insults at her. She is one stubborn cat. If she has an opinion, she will voice it if she finds it important. She doesn't care if you have some stupid heart felt argument about your side, she can easily evaluate the situation and provide a winning argument. She likes things done her way and if it isn't her way it's the highway. Under all of her stubborn and vain fluff she has a caring root in her body. She only cares about one cat though, that being her brother Mudspider. If she were to have a mate, then maybe it'd be slightly different. But due to her upbringing she has low faith in anyone but her brother. She can hardly trust anyone so don't expect to see some kinda caring bone in her body unless you actually get close to her. She hates most of the other cats that don't prove to her that they're worth it. 




:: Belief Levels ::  

..................... :.: Belief in Starclan - Medium (It Wavers)
..................... :.: Belief that Truth will Prevail - Low
..................... :.: Belief in True Love - Medium (Wavers)

:: Strongest skill ::  
   :bulletblue: Close attacks, Wooddapple being small and limber can easily hit and dodge. She's been perfecting her technique since she was just a small spit of an apprentice. She's adapted to use her size as a weapon to fend off anycat larger then her. 
:: Strengths ::  
   :bulletwhite: Debating, With her strict nature and her vast amount of knowledge she can easily put up a argument and win. She has a sly tongue and has the skill to get herself out of trouble and or tell off any mouse brain who thinks they can hurt her with her words. 
   :bulletblack: Stalking, Sharing this skill with her brother her size can easily aid her in sneaking up on anyone with easy. She is quite the hunter because of this. Though it isn't her best skill compared to her close attacks. 

:: Weakest skill ::  
   :bulletblue: Tracking, Wooddaple's nose isn't the best. She's always had a wonky sense of smell and it effects her hunting abilities. Without the best nose to hunt and track with she can easily be mislead by smells. It's all in the hearing for her, her nose is probably the worse trait about her. 
:: Weaknesses ::  
    :bulletwhite: Swimming, she never learned how to swim like her brother. Her thick fur doesn't help it at all so if she were to swim, she'd probably struggle to much and drown because of her thick fur. 
   :bulletblack: Her size, Being small isn't always the best thing ever. She can't reach things and heights seem higher then they usually are so this leaves her with a large fear of heights and being called 'shorty' , 'short stuff' , and other demeaning names.

:: Fears ::  
Death Being away from her brother and or loosing her brother
Death Extreme heights 
Death Being disfigured 




.: Birth season:  

[ Kit-hood ]  
   Born with her only brother Mudkit, Woodkit was an unlucky kit. Her mother and father were going through the process of breaking up since the two kits where born and they only had each other. Mudkit was her best friend and will always be since they promised, but her mother would drag her away when she caught them playing, Mudkit would be dragged off with his father to who knows where. Woodkit was taught by her mother they the only way to avoid heartbreak was to stop being so soft and sweet and shy like Woodkit was, she often relied on tough love and would slap her kit without claws if she disobeyed her. But Woodkit never left her brother and would go through this abuse silently, as outwardly she would be complimented on the beauty that was herself. becoming vain outwardly and strict to other playing kits, she would act like she was older and better then the younger kits, Mudkit became cold like her and they promised once more never to let anyone hurt them again. SO the two kits grew up to their apprentice ceremony and disconnected from their mean parents and chose to train till they reached the top!

[ Apprenticeship ]  
   Woodpaw now, attracted male apprentices, though they where all after her beauty, it was angering though she only confined in her brother, he began to grow apart from her though she held on tightly trying to spend more time with him, but their goal was set. Woodpaw finally let go of their bond and became cold and hard working only trying to reach the top, her warm memories of them two together grew cold and distant, broken like the ice that covered the water source. She worked herself to the brink of sickness, it was leaf-bare and she had been training herself to hard, she hadn't eaten in two days days because she couldn't catch enough prey, she was training with another apprentice until she was hit to hard between the ribs, she lay their as the world went dark. She awoke in the medicine cat's den, she felt a blast of pain in her side, she looked at the medicine cat, " huh?" was all she could say. She tried to get up but failed horribly and hurt her tail, she noticed how her head hurt just moments later. She had a fever. She toke the herbs the medicine cat told her to, and tried to sleep all she could picture was every apprentice laughing at her when she returned. She opened her eyes to feel warm hot tears leak from her eyes, she had forgotten how long it had been since she had cried. She saw a shape of a male come towards her, it was Mudpaw! "Starclan! your such a pain Woodpaw." he said under his breath he licked her forehead, " You pushed yourself to hard, just please don't get sick anymore, I don't want to lose you.." he said to her. Woodpaw looked at him, " But.. I wanted to keep our promise! I want to beat you to the top Mudpaw!" she argued lightly, he laughed, " Just get better we can't have the clan thinking we've gone soft can we? So get better alright?" . She did she got stronger now that her brother finally cared. She worked harder after she got better and new-leaf came! They became warriors just 3 moons after. But at their warrior ceremony, their father was found dead at the border of another territory, the siblings barely mourned. 

[ Warrior ]  
   As a warrior Wooddapple rebuilt the bond she had with her brother. The two became as close as they were when they were kits again. With the death of their father near the end of their apprenticeship she shook off her mother's iron claw on her and even told her to get out of her life. Becoming even more cynical by the moon. She as a young warrior was part o the patrol used to drive out the badger that was in the territory, luck for her she got no scars. She's been fairly average since then, doing her regular warrior duties and hanging around her brother as much as possible. 




.: Theme Song(s):  
Kuuso Mesorogiwi

.: Hobby:
= Collecting bird feathers

.: Likes:
+ Her brother
+ Owl feathers
+ Looking her best
+ Frozen puddles
+ Sleeping
+ Feathers, bird feathers of all kinds

.: Dislikes:  
x Females all over her brother.
x Perky upbeat cats
x Bees
x Being sick 
x Being made a fool of

.: Favorites :.
> Flower: White roses
> Prey: Whatever, she doesn't have a favorite
> Activity: Grooming herself
> Season: Winter

.: Vocal Information :.  
- Wooddapple's voice would be the women with the black hair and scarf.
- Her voice sounds rougher when she yells. Usually she's calm 

.: Trivia Facts :.  
* She and her brother have been together since birth and she has a strong attachment to him, take him away from her and she'll have you head.
* Wooddapple was a master at hide and seek as a kit. She still is despite teh fact she hasn't played it in the longest while.
* Mudspider was born first, then Wooddappe by a good 12 minutes. 
* She hates her mother and refuses to talk to her
* She's actually gad her father is dead. She doesn't want to know anything more then that he is dead and gone.
* Wooddapple and very protective of her brother. What's hers is hers. 

.: Preferred Warrior Names:
  Woodshine, Woodheart, Wooddapple, Woodbreeze




.: Grandparents:  
.......... -Father's Side: Hawktail (Grandpa - Dead), Sanddrop (Grandma - Dead)
.......... -Mother's Side: Swallowfall (Grandpa - Dead ), Brightfire(Grandma - Dead)
.: Parents:  
.......... -Father: Roawnsmoke (Alive)
.......... -Mother: Bramblenose (Dead)
.: Aunts/Uncles:  
.......... -Aunts: Palepetal, Brightsplash, Mistpool
.......... -Uncles: Heavyclaw, Oakdust
.: Siblings:  
.......... -Brothers:  Mudspider
.......... -Sisters: None
.......... -Littermates: Mudspider
.: Cousins:  
.......... -Female: Finchpaw, Cardinalpaw
.......... -Male: Stonefoot
.: Crush: None
.: Past Mates: None
.: Mate: None
.: Mated With: None
.: Kits:   None
.......... -Sons: N/A
.......... -Daughters: N/A
.......... -Adopted: N/A

:: Relationship Chart ::  




:: Time Zone:  
Central Time Zone - America - Florida

:: Best times to rp:   
School Season - 2pm -12am
Summer and or Holiday breaks - 3pm -6am
:: Best Way to Rp:   

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