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Female l Forever Single l America

Requests ~ FRIENDS ONLY by OtomeNishikiArt Trades ~ OPEN by OtomeNishikiGifts ~ FRIENDS ONLY by OtomeNishikiPoint Commissions ~ OPEN by OtomeNishiki

Hey there, well if you're on my page now it's nice to meet you! Well this message will meet you. I'm Badluckbadkat, you can call me anything you're comfortable with. I really don't mind what you call me. I'm an average female (in my mind anyways), I like to draw, write, watch horror movies, eat sugar wafers, play Pokemon, watch anime, fangirl, cats, and a whole bunch of other shit. I'm a pretty vulgar person, I won't hestitate to cuss, so please be okay with that. I try to be funny even though i'm not so expect bad jokes aha. I've actually been on Deviantart for 4 years, I've moved accounts twice. So hopefully this will be the final one. I'm glad I actually have some watchers. Uhh, I'm just going to put a few stamps at the bottom, so maybe one will catch your interest and we can fangirl together sometime? Yeah. Have a nice day, or night, or afternoon? Aha...ha.

Pokemon by Toxic-Fox-GirlIt's Okay To Say Kawaii Stamp by TinkalilaCode Geass :: Stamp by o0-Azrael-0ostamp :: pierced by octobre-rougeOne Hell Of A Butler by DragonCodex
Black butler fanstamp Alois Trancy by XiahismSleep - Stamp by SuyyOnline friends stamp by SuyyOnline friends stamp.. again by SuyyVocaloid Stamp by maxari4
Horror Stamp by sequelleSurelyYouWillDieHere by endlerRPG Horror Game Love Stamp by vomitcuntForever lazy by prosaixDisconnected Stamp by SparklyDest
Mirai Nikki stamp by SolusNoxFNAF stamp by pastel--colorsCandy Stamp by fear-the-brillianceSinnoh Fan Stamp by EmpovyleUnova Fan Stamp by Empovyle
Fiore Fan Stamp by EmpovyleEevee Stamp by IttichyCharmander Stamp by IttichyVulpix Fan Stamp by Unknown-Shadow66- Warriors Stamp - by toonartt
american horror story stamp 3 by blackestrose-13AHS Stamp v4 by silklungsHetalia Japan Stamp by leadervanceSweater Weather Stamp by Kezzi-RoseNightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Copyright ~ image by OtomeNishiki


Yellowfang's Secret :What could've been: by Badluckbadkat
Yellowfang's Secret :What could've been:
So I read Yellowfang's Secret cover to cover and well I loved it so much ; - ; so very much..I wish there was more of the main series of Warriors books. I'm planning on reading all the super editions and if I get the nerve to the newer ones despite the fact its back in time and I could hardly care less. So yeah I decided to draw Yellowfang and Raggedstar with Brokenkit, Hopekit, and Wishkit. Yes those are they're names despite the fact I had to improvise on designs since the book says nothing about their designs. This is probably what would've happened if Yellowfang continued the life of a Warrior instead of becoming the medicine cat. She probably would've been Raggedstar's Deputy and their kits would've survived and such. AHh so many feels in that book.

I recently got my tablet working again so sorry for not posting anything for so long ; - ;

Yellowfang, Raggedstar, Brokenkit/tail/star, Hopekit, and Wishkit (c) Erin Hunter (The Erin's)
Drawing (c) Badluckbadkat
  So my tablet isn't working correctly and the pen won't let me draw so...until I find my mouse attachment or get that fixed and or replaced, I won't be able to upload anything i'm so sorry guy Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3] Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1] Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3] 
::TCotV:: Sandpaw Relationship Chart by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: Sandpaw Relationship Chart

|| Sandpaw||

|| Relationships ||

Bullet; Black = Neutral
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black = Regret 
Bullet; Blue = Acquaintance
Bullet; BlackBullet; Blue = Pity / Annoyance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue = Sorrow / Sadness
Bullet; Green = Friend / Best friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Blue = Mentor / Apprentice
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green = Jealousy 
Bullet; Yellow = Special
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow = Interesting / Strange
Bullet; BlackBullet; Yellow = Confusion / Worry
Bullet; Purple = Family / like family 
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple = Mixed feelings 
Bullet; Red = Dislike / Fear
Bullet; RedBullet; Red = Hate
Bullet; RedBullet; Black = Rival
Bullet; White = Respect
Bullet; WhiteBullet; White = Embarrassment
Bullet; GreenBullet; White = Trust / Confidant
Bullet; Pink = Crush / Attraction
Bullet; PinkBullet; Orange = Lust
Bullet; Orange = Love
Heart = Mate
Star! = Starclan

Brindletail || Male || Alive || Thornclan

:bulletpurple: - :bulletwhite: -  :bulletblue::bulletblue:

  My dad. He's a great cat better then Skypool anyways. He was always so kind to me and my littermates. I miss him a lot because now my family is so spread out it's sad. I hope one day he'll quit being so busy and pay mind to me and Yewpaw. He praises Gustpaw and Dustypaw a lot and it makes me kind of upset he won't be as proud of me as he is of them. But i'll impress him one day. I'll prove i'm not a baby anymore.


Skypool|| Female || Alive|| Thornclan

:bulletpurple: - :bulletred::bulletred: - :bulletblack::bulletblue: 

  My mom, but she doesn't deserve that name. Skypool is a disgsting cat, she only cares about having a good time while me and my littermates had to depend on other queens. She is a horrible she-cat and I bet all other females are like her in a way. Brindletail was too goof for her. I'm glad she's out of my life. She wasn't a good mother and she'll never be one. Though I do feel bad for her she'll never know what love is. She'll just keep being used.

::TCotV:: Sandpaw by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: Sandpaw
I made a Crona character oops


:: Name: Sandpaw
:: Past Names: Sandkit
:: Clan: Thornclan
:: Rank: Apprentice
:: Gender: Male

:: Reason for name ::  
.....: Prefix: Sand - His pelt reminded his mother of sand. 
.....: Suffix: Paw - Regular apprentice suffix

:: Starting age: 6 - 7 moons
:: Current age: 7 moons
:: Breed Reference: American Short hair and British long hair mix

:: Past Mentor:  

:: Current Mentor:  

:: Past Apprentices:  

:: Current Apprentices:  


:: Written Appearance ::  
  A short male apprentice with a young and fluffy but thin build with dusty blue eyes and a sandy colored pelt.

:: Body Structure ::
 Sandpaw looks young no matter what, he is fluffy but under his fluff he is still trying to develop muscle and can be considered a weak fighter just by looking at him. 

:: Size and Height ::  
  Shorter then the average apprentice male, he is about up to the chin or chest of a regular sized warrior. His body is fairly average length and he is very flexible due to his lack of hard extra muscle mass.

:: Fur Length and Texture ::  
Medium length

:: Noticeable Features ::  
  Dusty blue eyes, due to his sandy colored pelt his eyes stand out and are a faded dusty blue color. 

:: Scars ::  

:: Scent ::  
  Sandpaw smells like a crisp dewy morning mixed with brambles and traces of maple leaf on his pelt. His scent is always fresh on him and it's unknown why he smells so nice by nature. 

:: Eye Color ::  
Dusty blue


:: Sexuality ::  

.: Orientation:  
.: Looking for:  
.: Relationship Status:  
  Single little pringle
.: Activity: 
(This is optional. Is your cat a virgin? Mated before? You can list who if they have) 

.: Turn Ons in a Potential:  
:bulletblue: Dark fur, darker then his anyways. He likes dark fur it makes cats seem dark and mysterious.
:bulletwhite: A good smile, Sandpaw is into smiles.
:bulletblue: Reliable, he's always been ditched so some one reliable would be great.
:bulletwhite: Good smelling, Sandpaw likes smells.
:bulletblue: Clingy, he likes clingy it makes him feel loved. 
:bulletwhite: Mature, since he looks childish he likes older looking cats and mature personalities. 

.: Turn Offs in a Potential:  
:bulletblue: Bad teeth, overbites and under bites he doesn't like them.
:bulletwhite: Unfaithful, cheating makes Sandpaw a sad boy.
:bulletblue: Crazy, there is only  a certain amount of excitement that Sandpaw can handle if you are too 'wild' or 'crazy' he will run away.
:bulletwhite: Distant, if you don't let him in what's the point of being together?

.: Currently Attracted to:  
 Nope not yet

:: Personality ::


:: Traits Overview ::  
[ Socially Awkward / Socially Inexperienced ] - [ Independent ] - [ Hard-Working ] - [ Worry-Wart ]

   Sandpaw being a very awkward cat has never had a chance to interact socially so everytime around others he often sounds very awkward and cold since he doesn't like conversating for too long. But it isn't his fault he was a sheltered kit and hardly went outside so he never really got the experience to be a social cat like his parents. Sandpaw is independent. Since he doesn't trust others he often relies on himself and helps himself best he can. He often can't deal with things so he will mumble about it. He doesn't like being helped or considered weak so he often gets mad when other's try to help him with anything. Even if it's his mentor he'll fidget and say he can do it. He is very hard headed when it comes to his independence. Sandpaw is a hard working tom cat and tries his best to make himself seem like less of a bother. He likes impressing others and remembers every achievement he has made. Sandpaw is a worry wart and often worries about everything. He is very insecure and self conscious so he tends to fret and worry about every situation by himself. Which isn't a great image to have when you talk to yourself constantly. 



:: Belief Levels ::  

..................... :.: Belief in Starclan - Medium
..................... :.: Belief that Truth will Prevail - Medium to low
..................... :.: Belief in True Love - Medium

:: Strongest skill ::  
  Stealth, Sandpaw is small and flexible so his hiding skills can't be beat. He can easily hide and can't be found unless tracked down. So he is very great at hide and seek and escaping tough fixes and sneaking up on others. 

:: Strengths ::  
 x   Speed, he is a speedy little thing. He is very fast and can out run a lot of cats.
 x   Hearing, his sense of hearing is great since his ears are kind of big. He can hear very well and often over hears a lot of things he doesn't want to.
x    Flexibility, he is very flexible and can twist and turn and often avoid a lot of brambles around the camp and dodge a lot easier then most. 

:: Weakest skill ::  
  Strength, Sandpaw has little to no bulky muscle mass and can't hit too hard when he does attack. This isn't great considering he is a male.  He would loose in a paw to paw fight with anycat even female. 

:: Weaknesses ::  
 x    Independent, since he is so independent he refuses to ask for help leaving him in tough fixes a lot of the time.
 x    Social Skills, He has horrible social skills. Like he is probably the most awkward social thing you'll ever see.
 x    Small size, he can easily be over powered and or hurt easily due to his size and lack of muscle mass.

:: Fears ::  
Death Being a bother
Death Never have a love
Death Freezing to death




.: Birth season:
Late Summer

[ Pre-Birth ]  
  Sandpaw's mother was a socialite cat with a cruel way of treating others. She was the biggest flirt and wanted everyone's eyes on her. She was fashionable cat with a crooked smile and the bluest eye you've ever seen. She had a one night stand with Sandpaw's father along with two other toms in the next days without knowing she was pregnant. Once she found out the only one who would stick with her was Sandpaw's father, Brindletail. Though it was rocky he couldn't let the pretty cat be on her own.

[ Kit-hood ]
  Sandkit was born with 4 siblings, Dustykit, Yewkit, Poolkit, and Gustkit. He wasn't even the runt of the litter but his littermates began to out grow him very fast. He just wouldn't grow and it bothered him. His siblings were always so outgoing, and he was very shy so he staye din the nursery by his mother often despite that fact she'd often talk to her warrior friends and not be around a lot. He would hide in the bedding until she got back. He was a very nervous and shy kit and often hide away from others. His mother wasn't around much once she was nursing anymore, and Sandkit's father would often watch them while their mother went to go chat and flirt around like she was. Sandpaw never understood why his mother wasn't around like everyone else. But he liked his father and wante dto be just like him. Dustykit was a bossy little tom so Sandkit would often get to scared to go play with him and his friends. Yewkit was sick a lot so he barely saw her, but when he did he would make sure to try to talk to her to cheer her up and they were close. Poolkit was always so popular with Skypool's friends and was showcased out of the litter, Skypool doted on her the most. Gustkit was Dustykit's best friend they were rivals and very happy to out match each other no matter what. It was an odd family but Sandkit was content with his family and happy. 

[ Apprenticeship ] 
  Sandkit became Sandpaw. Though it was suppose to mean he'd get closer to his siblings they all kind of went in their own directions. Some where too busy and others just didn't care for him much. Yewpaw stuck around but she was sick often, Skypool hardly cared and it bothered him. Sandpaw was still kind of small and he was treated like he was inferior. He hated it and decided he couldn't depend on anyone anymore. His mother didn't care, Brindletail was busy with his own apprentice and though he tried being a father Sandpaw hardly saw him. Poolpaw was popular with the male apprentices and was already showing signs of being a great warrior and Dusty and Gustpaw were already acting dumb enough. Sandpaw felt alone a lot and he was sad about it. He distanced himself from his family besides Yewpaw and Brindletail.



.: Theme Song(s):  

.: Hobby:  
= Hide and seek with Yewpaw sometimes. 
= Collecting daisies and stashing them under his bedding. 

.: Likes:  
+ Daisies
+ Overcast windy days
+ Hiding (Makes him feel safe)
+ Watching others from afar
+ Alone to be with his thoughts
+ Soft bedding

.: Dislikes:  
x Roses
x Sunny hot days
x Big social groups, basically gatherings
x Hard floor
x Whore like females

.: Favorites :.  
> Flower: Daisies
> Prey: Voles
> Activity: Hiding
> Season: Autumn

.: Vocal Information :.  
- Yeah he sounds like Crona all the way. I chose the Japanese one because the English one was too feminine. I wanted him to at least sound some what like a boy I mean common. 

.: Trivia Facts :.  
* Sandpaw can actually take a lot of damage due to his compact body but he'll take it very hard mostly around his chest and forehead.
* He is somewhat cross eyed. So his eyes aren't the best. But his hearing sure is.
* Sandpaw is attracted to guys and guys alone. He got the wrong impression from his mother at a young age and thinks guys are the bees knees. He day dreams a lot about his perfect match.
* He isn't open about the fact he likes guys, only Yewpaw knows. 
* Sandpaw hates the summer time.

.: Preferred Warrior Names:  
Sandshadow, Sandgust, Sandstrike, Sandleg, Sandwind, 



.: Grandparents:  
.......... -Father's Side: Dustwhisker(Grandpa), Rosetail(Grandma)
.......... -Mother's Side: Waterpelt(Grandpa), Morningspeckle(Grandma)
.: Parents:  
.......... -Father: Brindletail
.......... -Mother: Skypool
.: Aunts/Uncles:
.......... -Aunts: Frostshine, Lightfern
.......... -Uncles: Bramblenose
.: Siblings:  
.......... -Brothers: Dustypaw, Gustpaw
.......... -Sisters: Yewpaw, Poolpaw
.......... -Littermates: Yewpaw, Poolpaw, Dustypaw, Gustpaw
.: Cousins:  
.......... -Female: ---
.......... -Male: ---
.: Crush: ---
.: Past Mates:  ---
.: Mate:  ---
.: Mated With:  ---
.: Kits:  ---
.......... -Sons: --- 
.......... -Daughters: ----
.......... -Adopted: ----

:: Relationship Chart ::

relationship chart (It's there now)



:: Time Zone:
United State of America, Florida, Eastern something..

:: Best times to rp:  
School Year- 2:30pm - 2:30am
Summer and Breaks- 4:00pm - 6:00am

:: Best Way to Rp:  
Notes, Sometimes Journals, Sometimes Chat rooms
::TCotV:: Adoptables by the 16 by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: Adoptables by the 16
So I decided to do this thing because my buddies and friendly friends at TheClansoftheValley like my designs so here is a bunch of them. They are up for adopts, no points just comment the information below and the key word at the end of the artist comments. This lineart isn't mine I found it on Deviantart on a search of lineart so yeah. The number will be striked out once it has been adopted. I really like 12 so it's mine and 3 is really great too so like idk but go ham guys. Most of these are old designs for a sheet I did maybe a year or two ago for Shinju. Ya, so go ham. 


Alliance: (Clan,Gang,Rouge,Loner?)
Personality Tidbits:

Name:  Something with Red, properly Cardinalpaw or something :I

 Alliance:  Thorn perhaps, or maybe Clover, Idk yet ;w;
Age: ???
Personality Tidbits: Going to be  a handsome flirt, trust me
Extras:  Why do they have to be so cute ;w; WHY!
Taken By: NineBeyondInsane

Name: ????
Alliance: Thorn or maybe Meadow???
Personality Tidbits:
Extras:  I HAD TO I LOVE IT SO MUCH ; - ;
Taken By: Badluckbadkat

Name:  Timbertail (male)
Clan: clover
Age: 23 moons 
Personality Tidbits: Very much a player. He has an easy smile and is one to flirt with anybody anywhere at any time. He's incorrigible and is determined to have as many fall in love with him as possible. He's rather lazy and disinterested in hard work as well.
extras: (I fell in love with him on the old adoptables and I've been staring at the old adoptable sheet for weeks trying to decide so when I saw him again I couldn't resist)
Taken by: TheClansOf-TheValley

Auric -relating to or derived from gold- Hush, Lull, gaze, eyes, heart.
Alliance: Plainesclan
Age: 2 years old
Personality Tidbits: Quiet,mysterious, very cool, composed and stoic cat. Prefers to go about his routine in silence but does not mind to chat with others, although it's usually just to appease them enough until they leave him alone or shut up. Very apathetic and only gets fired up for very certain things, but when he is fired up it goes to the extreme. When he wants to, he can be very selfless and kind like a gentleman.
Extras:  Got his scars in a border skirmish as an apprentice when he was trying to protect his crush.
Taken by: xXoGhostlyoXx

Name:  Warren (if gang *probably most likely*) Harepaw (if thornclan)
Age:  around apprentice/trainee age (im on my phone so i can't check it)
Personality Tidbits: A more suiting name for this tom would be captain clumsy or captain oblivious. Constantly falling flat on his face, tripping over his own paws and being oblivious to the emotions of those around him this cat can prove more than annoying- however he possesses some unique talents such as his good grip and climbing abilities.
Extras:  kat is best kitty
Taken by: :devfouturnethemew:

Alliance: (Clan,Gang,Rouge,Loner?)
Personality Tidbits:

Name: Sunnyhollow 
Alliance: Mountainclan
Age: 20 moons 
Personality Tidbits:  Bold, easily excitable, loves going on adventures, wild, punctual, speaks her mind.
Taken By: SnappleKitty

Name: Tigerlash
Alliance: Cloverlcan
Age: 20 moons
Personality Tidbits:  He is a very shy, reclusive tom. He hides his feelings from others, and talks to himself. A lot.
Taken by: SnappleKitty

Name: Lilac
Alliance: Kittypet
Age: 13 moons
Personality Tidbits:  Extremely protective of her father, Torrin. Her mother abused both her and her father, but she ran away to house folk so she could escape from her mother. Her father convinced her to leave him, so she could be free.
Extras:  Her aunt is Lotus.
Her mother was hit by a car and killed.
Torrin is trying to find her.
Taken By: SnappleKitty

Name:  Cobblepath (female)
Clan: clover
Age:  27 moons
Personality Tidbits:  cobble is less social and much more introverted. She would rather keep to herself and isn't good when under pressure however she is a fine tracker and can be open to new ideas.
extras: she's not fond of cats from plainesclan since one of them broke her tail and is the cause of the stub she has left.
Taken By: TheClansOf-TheValley

Name: Sand???
Alliance: Thornclan
Age: ???
Personality Tidbits: WIP
Extras: Male
Taken by: Badluckbadkat

Name: Rowanpaw
Alliance: Cloverclan
Age: 8 moons
Personality Tidbits:
Taken By: catfanatic

Name: Dawnshadow
Alliance: Cloverclan
Age: 2.5 years
Personality Tidbits:
Taken By: catfanatic

Name:  Narrowroot (male)
Clan:  clover 
Age: 35 moons 
Personality Tidbits:  moody and dishonest he isn't a very honorable warrior but he's fierce and a good fighter for the clan. He dislikes other clans and will help train others though rather rudely and will push an apprentice until they have the fighting move 100% correct. 
extras:  his scars were from a bird attack while on the way to a gathering. He hates birds now and refuses to even eat them if there's a choice.
Taken By: TheClansOf-TheValley

Name:  Oatflake (female)
Clan:  probably clover 
Age: /b>  16 moons
Personality Tidbits:  She is much more of an air head then she thinks. She's clumsy and not coordinated and will be the first to mess things up though never on purpose. She isn't a very good warrior and can become emotional about this. She's simple minded and definitely borders on stupid. But she tries her hardest and is happy even though she might not know why.
extras: she thinks herself pretty but likes dark colored boys better. She wouldn't know romance if it bit her.
Taken By: TheClansOf-TheValley

Kat is best kitty

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