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My friend by Badluckbadkat
My friend
My friend Dom wanted me to draw him and well might as well post it here for something to post ig. He's pretty cool and sometimes I sneak out to hang out with him and we walk around at late hours and talk and it's nice.
::PokeHost:: Deep dream world experience by Badluckbadkat
::PokeHost:: Deep dream world experience
It's been a while sine I drew Stella so I decided to make her sleeping
with soft dark colors and well why not show her tiny elf ears? Since they're always hidden

I missed drawing her ;v;
[ MotS ] The inn keeper by Badluckbadkat
[ MotS ] The inn keeper

[ Basic Information ]

    ✿ Name: Miyuki Kikuchi ( 菊池 美雪 )
    ✿ Nicknames: Yuki, Kiku, Miyu
    ✿ Meaning:
    Miyuki : Beautiful Snow
    Kikuchi : Chrysanthemum Pond
    ✿ Suffixes
    -san : Common use
    -chan : Friendly use, mainly by her family
    - onee : Used by her siblings or small children

     ✿ Birth Village: Nusubu
    ✿ Past Village: None
    ✿ Current Village: Nusubu
    ✿ Rank: Inn Keeper(Village Warrior)

    ✿ Gender: Female (She,her)
    ✿ Age: 2 years old (24 months)
    ✿ Birth date: December 29th
    ✿ Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

    ✿ Stats:
    Flexibily: 9/10
    Strength: 6/10
    Leadership: 5/10
    Experience: 7/10
    Intelligence: 5/10
    Charm: 9/10

[ Appearance ]

    ✿ Description: Miyuki is a fluffy but slender she-cat. She has a naturally slender frame with long-medium curled fur and a very rounded face. She has a kitten like face with large rounded eyes and a young face structure. She has very soft well groomed fur that puffs and curls up due to her genetics. She has tiny paws and a delicate looking frame. She has a fairly plumed tail that fluffs up and looks more smooth than her chest and cheek fur. Miyuki's fur is a soft pale gray with darker water like ripple markings on her back,limbs, and tail. Her paws(front and back), ears, eyelids, and tail tip are all white. Her eyes are large and a soft sage green.

    ✿ Breed: Persian Himalayan 30% / English Long hair 40% / La Perm30%

    ✿ Pelt: Semi-long gray curled fur with a basic darker gray tabby pattern with white features. She has a very water like pattern to her, and it's a very smooth and gentle pallet to look at. It has a smooth and silk like texture and looks and feels very well groomed.
    ✿ Scars: None yet
    ✿ Size: Shorter than the average tom cat, she only reaches to about nose level, her ears not counting.
    ✿ Build: Under her thick fur, she has a slender and thin build with very soft feminine features, making her the average female build.
    ✿ Scent: Miyuki has a very herb like smell to her. She likes to surround herself with incense (usually being of sage or some kind of soft plant smell) so it tends to stick to her fur and she ends up having a very herbal or sometimes even a medicinal smell.  She usually tries to smell nice, so other than that she also has hints of a flowery smell (roses, blossoms, wildflowers).
    ✿ Blood Type: O negative

    ✿ Notable Features:
    Curled fur, due to her La Perm genetics her soft fur tends to curl around the chest area, cheek, tail, and the tufts of fur on her limbs.
    Large green eyes, her family usually has blue eyes but hers are green making her a little bit of a rarity in her family and the shade of green happens to be very unique in it's own.
    Height, she is a very dainty cat so her height can usually identify herself very easily.
    Curled Whiskers, her long curled whiskers are very noticeable and a trait carried in her family.

    ✿ Accessories:
    Soft Green silk Shawl, a gift from her mother she wears it with pride. It has a gentle vine like pattern on it, and she often wears it and it's a usual look for her. Her mother bought it from a Merchant who came from Nadibaki.

[Soul Weapon Information]

    ✿ Weapon Name: Jentoru Shio ( ジェントル潮)
    ✿ Weapon Type: A metal plated fan known as a Gessen, Tessen, or Gunbai
    ✿ About: Shio is based off of a japanese metal plated fan known as a Gessen(variations above), they were used as weapons actually around the Edo period. Shio is held in Miyuki's mouth and often used to slash quickly at whomever is attacking. This is a weapon that depends on speed and endurance more than brute strength. It is a soft blue color with dark tips, a white stripe in the middle and another dark blue stripe near the end of it. It has the River God's symbol in the middle in a sky blue.

    ✿ Ability(ies):
    ✿ Skills:
    Level 1 - Turn water into a light mist or fog around them.
    Level 2 - Fog // Mist becomes thicker, making it harder to see the producer of the mist // fog.
    Level 3 - User can make shadowy images within the mist // fog to make it appear as though it is themselves.

[ Family Tree ]

    ✿ Family:

    ✿ Parents:
    Hajime / Former Village Warrior / Nusubu / NPC
    Makoto / Former Merchant / Nusubu / NPC
    ✿ Littermates:
    Hisashi / Brother / Village Warrior / Nusubu / NPC
    Katsumi / Brother / Village Warrior / Nusbu / NPC
    Masanori / Brother / Village Warrior / Nusubu / NPC
    ✿ Siblings:
    Manami / Sister / Warrior Apprentice / Nusubu / NPC

[ Personality ]

:bulletgreen: Good
:bulletyellow: Neutral
:bulletred: Bad
    { Friendly } { Kind } { Introverted } { Naive } { Sensitive } {Gentle}

    :bulletgreen: Friendly: Miyuki happens to have a friendly nature to her. Running an inn she has to be fairly friendly. She enjoys making friends and making others feel comfortable and at home. She usually does this as a form of her kindness. She has a gentle smile, soothing voice and will definately find a place on your good side. Miyuki just has a sort of need and want to make friends with anyone who comes into her small inn.
    :bulletgreen: Kind: She has a kind heart. Being sheltered for a long while she knows nothing bitter and has a fairly kind logic to her. Miyuki was raised to be an obedient daughter, so she tries to be kind whenever she can. She is just a kind child in general and very innocent in this sense. She'll do anything to make everyone happy. She's a people pleaser in a sense and always does her best to make someone smile. She is very considerate and in general this is the core of her personality.
    :bulletyellow: Naive: Miyuki is gullible. This poor little girl doesn't know much about streets smarts and can easily be swindled, tricked, and unfortunately lied to. This though also preserves her innocent heart and kind nature. So not all bad comes from this, it just has a few more negative effects than positive effects.
    :bulletyellow: Gentle: Miyuki is very gentle. She tries not to crush anything when she walks around (bugs, and flowers mainly) and has a very fragile touch. She doesn't wish to harm anything but this gentleness about her also leads her to be very weak willed and not assertive at all.
    :bulletred: Introverted: Being isolated for the majority of her younger years she became very introverted. She doesn't share much about her feelings and doesn't like to show too much of her heart to anyone. She keeps quiet in a crowd and is often over looked because of this. Though she tries to hide this with a curtain of friendliness she tends to keep to herself and doesn't reveal how she truly feels about anything.
    :bulletred: Sensitive: Miyuki is so very sensitive. She takes everything to heart when really she shouldn't. This often leads to her panicking at sudden changes, annoying others when she's anxious, and just generally being very insecure if anything negative if said about her. She is a very emotional cat and often makes choices based on her heart and not her head making her a bit more reckless in a sense if sad or angered immensely.

[ Sexuality ]

    ✿ Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)
    ✿ Romantic Orientation: Hetero-romanic somewhat Demi-romantic
    ✿ Preferences:
    Miyuki likes the tall and scholarly type. She likes a tom with intelligence and depth to his personality. She enjoys long talks about really anything, so someone who is interesting to have a conversation with is definitely a plus. She's a sucker for protective cats as well. She likes to feel guarded and safe in someone's embrace so she tends to like the overly protective type. Miyuki likes blond and light colored fur colors. She enjoys a soft pallet to look at with kind eyes and a gentle smile. She likes the typical gentle and deep type.
    ✿ Tall
    ✿ Intelligent
    ✿ Deep personality
    ✿ Overly Protective
    ✿ Light colored fur
    ✿ Kind eyes (usually blue)
    ✿ Gentle smile and or smiles often

    ✿ Crush: None yet
    ✿ Past Lovers: None
    ✿ Current Lover: None
    ✿ Relationship Status: Single
    ✿ Spouse: None
    ✿ Offspring: None yet

[ History ]

    Miyuki's History

[ Extra ]


    ✿ Voice Actor:
    Kana Ueda
    (The women with the black hair is her voice actor)
    ✿ Theme Song:
    Imagination Forest
    ✿ Miyuki's Playlst:
    - Donor Song
    - Izayoi Seeing
    - A Female ninja, but I want to love!
    - Terror(ism)
    ✿ Likes:
    + Sage smells
    + Candles
    + Hot Springs
    + Poetry
    + Love Stories
    + Swimming
    + Sweet foods
    + Soups and Stews
    + Sunrise
    + Friendly cats
    + Reading
    + Wintery months
    + Starshine
    + Paper Lanterns
    ✿ Dislikes:
    - Rotten smells (Dead fish, rotting fruit, ect.)
    - Overly Hot weather
    - Not Understanding
    - Being made a fool of
    - Crowded places
    - Total Darkness
    - Fire

    ✿ Dreams/Goals:
    + Being like her mother one day
    + Live a peaceful life
    + Falling in love
    ✿ Fears:
    - Getting burned alive
    - Death
    - Nightmares
    - Illness
    - Loosing a limb (leg or eye)
    - Dying without knowing what love is

    ✿ Facts/Trivia:
    + Miyuki likes nicknames, she feels like her name is too formal
    + She's a total hopeless romantic and wants to fall in love so badly, it's kinda sad
    + I came up with her in the middle of Driver's Ed and I'm glad she turned out so well
    + She has the eyes of her Grandfather
    + Looks like her grandfather more than anyone in her family and her mother is very proud of that.
    + Her father sheltered her mainly because she was the smallest kit in his first litter and now his eldest daughter, he takes pride in her beauty and often boasts about her.
    + She loves her mother very much, she's a momma's girl.
    + Her fur is thick so in the summer she overheats way to much.
    + She swims a lot in the summer time.
i suppose i am lost huh by Badluckbadkat
i suppose i am lost huh
i don't know i'm kinda feeling a bit emotional right now.
i mean nothing really feels real, i'm a sophomore but i feel so old and my friends and the guy i like are juniors and i'm scared that they'll leave. i'm so afraid.
my friend is still upset over this guy and things arent looking up.
my ex and first love goes to my school now, i heard he hates me
i want to talk to him
i feel like nothing compared to what my friends are going through
idk i feel so pointless and everyday is so systematical i don't like it
i want someone to understand and talk to me instead of running away
i am so upset
it just like ruins everything
everything is abnormal and unhealthy
i feel gross
i feel so distant
i don't like it

maybe im just selfish but i wish someone would take care of me for a little bit bc i'm really fragile.

    Hello there,
    Recently I have started the 10th grade eheh. Since I'm trying to keep my GPA at a good and solid 3.5 for the first quarter or two of school. I've also recently gotten sleep aids, or rather pills that help me sleep so I've been sleeping very early now (10:30pm-11pm-12am) So i've been unable to update art, get to drawing art, answering notes, and other things related to that. I mean I'll be able to on the weekends and Friday's since I actually have homework to work on (History fair, Speech for English, ect.) But yeah I feel kinda bad bc I have all these cool roleplays to answer and stuff I really wanna draw but like, I've just been unable to. I'll try to get to uploading things tonight and all. And if not tonight expect at least one or two things uploaded tomorrow.
    Anyways I loveyou guys and I'll upload as much as I can
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