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::TcotV:: GIFT Heronkit's sunset by Badluckbadkat
::TcotV:: GIFT Heronkit's sunset
Sweet jesus this thing is adorable huh?
I got back from my trip today and with that i brought back some motivation and some relaxed vibes so I decided to make a gift for my dear friend Shinju, since she's had faith in me throughout this awful artless period. I drew itty bitty Heron looking at a sunset and now before you say 'Dude he's blind' off screen Sweetbee is describing the sunset to him. Below will be a heartwarming paragraph since my pizza is getting cold.

    As the sun began to set and the temperature dropped, Sweetbee held her breath. She didn't want her dear little friend to freeze but he was pretty adamant in hearing her description of the sunset tonight. She watched as he got comfortable in the small grassy patch outside her den. He smiled as he heard the early crickets, "You can start now please." he spoke softly. He was always such a dear to her and he had grown in the sassy medicine cat. She sat and looked up at the purple began to devour the yellows and oranges. "Well the sun is sinking and it's letting out some rays of yellow and oranges." she began as she watched the time between them slow. He nodded as he stared up with her smiling, his little blue eyes shining as the warmth of the sun shone on one side of his body. Her whiskers twitched as she adjusted her neck, "There's dark purple at the top of the sky and some starts are starting to shine, Sliverpelt is starting to spread across the sky. There are some clouds stretched really far across and thin. " he let out a small, soft laugh, as he moved his sightless gaze to 'look' at the bigger cat, "Sliverpelt must be really pretty!" she admired his playful nature as he commented. She often told him of her dreams in Starclan when he visited and he always enjoyed hearing about the old shiny cats and the bright stars. She told him how the sun began to vanish and how now there was blue and black in the sky. She continued to tell him all about it as the sunset ended. As it did she got up, "Is t over already?" he nearly complained. He tried to never do so and she liked him for that. "Sunset's don't last a season cycle you know! Anyways, come along now you don't want to freeze now." Heronkit sighed and got up, he rubbed against her leg and thanked her like he always did. "You're the best medicine cat Sweetbee!" she grinned and licked his forehead, she watched as he made his way to his nest. She often watched his waddle away with his little limp. Sure it was getting better but it still made her heart ache for him, but as long as she was around she'd make sure this little guy didn't get hurt anymore.

Heronkit {c} TheClansOf-TheValley
Art and Sweetbee {c} Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: Antbriar's jealousy WIP by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: Antbriar's jealousy WIP
Here's another WIP, this one is one for TheClansoftheValley, and it showcases Antbrair. Antbrair has always been in his brother's shadow and even in his brother's death he is still living in that shadow. This shows him looking over his hsoulder at his brother's body in a very jealous and somewhat disturbed look. I think deep down Antbriar might've loved his brother but who knows with all the lines blurred. I plan to draw more flashbacks for Antbriar as soon as I can really, he's a favorite of mine.
::WotB:: Mistypaw wip by Badluckbadkat
::WotB:: Mistypaw wip
Like I said I wanted to upload some WIPs since I haven't posted in forever please excuse all of this, I just really like this group and I can't settle on a character ;-;
This is aboy named Mistypaw who is very distant and kind of independent, he likes flowers and rain. He's pretty feminine I guess. I really like his hair
    I've been gone for a long while I know I know, I've just been going through a lot since the school year started. I have no excuse for really being away but I want to tell you guys something. I've taken an interest in Traditional Art! Since I've been taking an art class, I've been exposed to water color painting and pencil sketches and colored pencil sketches, and i've grown to love that medium more than my old tablet and Paint Tool SAI. This is mainly since i've been drawing more humans lately and I just haven't been getting the results i've been wanting from SAI with them. So i just haven't been producing art that often. I'm actually getting traditional art supplies soon, mainly a set for watercoloring since I'm actually pretty good at painting now that I know some things about it. I'll upload pictures of my paintings sometime if you guys still want to see from me. I've been so inactive I feel so horrible.
    I can still draw cats fairly good on SAI and still get results I just haven't had the time to draw. Manly since i've been so sad over this boy. But recently he's found a girlfriend and now i'm sort of bitter and in that stage where you kind of feel better and above things. I'm still pretty sad about it and the hot Florida weather isn't helping but i'm trying to be more active I just need to plan out some stuff. I'm getting the supplies soon and i'm excited to show you guys the paintings and things I can do. I'm going to try to finish some digital pieces i've started and never finished. I've only been able to somewhat flat color some pieces which makes me sad. But i'll try to upload some wips and other things and hopefully when I get the proper supplies I can show you guys something I really enjoy doing.
    On that note, I'm probably going drop out of some human orientated groups since I'll only be uploading traditional human art and digital cat art. So unfortunately i'll have to say goodbye to some very amazing groups, but I'm sure that with that off my chest I won't be afraid to check my notifications everyday. Yes I still check every day!
    I honestly miss you all so much ;-; I really do, I hope that i'll be more active real soon. I swear things just take time and ahhh excuses, excuses. I promise you guys i'll upload more when I can, even if they're just WIPs 
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  • Listening to: Crybaby - Melanie Martinez
  • Reading: Les Misrables
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  • Eating: McDonald's leftovers
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::PokeHost:: Clementine Markovic-Forbes by Badluckbadkat
::PokeHost:: Clementine Markovic-Forbes
So I decided to replace Kaede bc I got bored..eheh..heh.

Name: Clementine Markovic-Forbes
Nicknames: Clem
Gender: cisFemale (she/her)
Age: 18 years
D.O.B: December 27th
Height: 5'5 (5'6 in her boots)
Weight: 134 lbs

Host Club/Club: Undecided

    Clem is a scary person, she has an intimidating vibe and a resting 'bitch' face. Though she seems pretty creepy and scary, she is actually just not a social person. She doesn't do team-work or social functions, she's pretty much a loner who spends the majority of her time alone. Because of her anti-social base personality, she often comes across as rude and 'I don't want to be here'. Clem just doesn't do the social correct. When she tries to be social and act nice usually it's kind of very scary and out of character so she ends up spooking the person she's trying to interact with away. She usually doesn't mind repelling others, she's fine by herself and that's how she likes to keep it. She's a closed book with a very cold shoulder she gives to everyone.

    Clementine was born to a wealthy business women who lived in Russia. She was born during the rockiest patch in her mother's marriage though so she really didn't get to know her father before he was kicked out of the Penthouse apartment. Clementine grew up with her mother and various nannies. She didn't mind it though, she was a decent child. She did everything she was told and didn't really argue. She was best in mathematics and sciences, making her a very smart girl. She was her mother's pride and joy. Her mother began dating some American gengar though when Clementine was only 10. This meant her mother's prideful eye would turn to her new boyfriend. She didn't mind the man, he gave her sweets and put her tests scores on the fancy chrome refrigerator.  He was a fairly decent man, which meant a lot seeing that Clementine was an anti-social child to begin with. It was all fairly nice until the two decided to marry, it was mainly due to the fact her mother was expecting another child. Clementine didn't like this at all. She wanted her mother's attention and it was stretched enough from her new spouse. But she had no say in this.
Twins, Anya and Ivan were born. Clementine was more frustrated than ever, two new siblings, TWO.
Clementine was often told to watch the two little things while her mother caught up with work and her new step-father went on business trips. Either way Clementine's childhood ended there with her now new responsibilities. She didn't like them much and they threw up on EVERYTHING. As she began to mature she kept getting high test scores and as her grade level increased so did offers from fancy schools. Though she did do very well she honestly didn't care. She was ignored and taking care of two small children, so she began to rebel. She did well on her academics yes but cut her once long hair short, and even got two lip piercings as her teenage angst just built up. Oh yeah, Clementine was an angsty one. As she began to mature even more she attempt dying her brown/black hair green, resulting it it sticking to the tips(where she globed it) and some strips here and there. This continued for a long amount of time
Tired of her daughter's rebellion she decided to send the antisocial angsty teen to one of the schools that she was invited to attend to, Ouran. This was of course near the end of the teenage rebellion.

    + Ghost stories
    + Her tree horns
    + Nature
    + Coffees of all kinds
    + Military prints
    + Attention (secreeeeet)
    + Extreme things (Skydiving, Fear Factor, intense things)
    + Ghost Shows
    + Creepy things
    + Motercyles
    + Mugs

    - Floral print (grandma couch)
    - Her little siblings for attention hogging
    - Social Situations
    - Peppy things
    - Bright colors (neons)
    - Really loud high pitched noises
    - Getting migraines

Sexual Orientation: Probably Heterosexual ??? Not really interested at all
Significant Other: Probs when hell freezes over
    + Interested in any of her likes
    + Probably tall and intimidating like herself
    + Soothing Voice
    + Probably not afraid of her
    + Physically strong

Character/Name, Gender, Owner
:bulletpurple: Relative
:bulletwhite: Neutral
:bulletyellow: Acquaintance
:bulletgreen: Friend
:bulletpink: Love
:bulletorange: Crush
:bulletred: Discomfort
:bulletblack: Despise

:bulletgreen: The green in her hair isn't natural, it's dye
:bulletblack: She comes off as a total dick, but she just doesn't like people at all
:bulletgreen: Hardly gets scared, she's legit like a rock
:bulletblack: Skin tone is very pale and seems dead like, perks of being a ghost type. Her nose and lips are a pale purplish red, resembles a corpse sort of. Perks of being a ghost type pt.2
:bulletgreen: Very skilled in Math and most Chemistry related things. She's very smart and gets good test scores
:bulletblack: Floats around when she gets tired, that's how you know.
:bulletgreen: Her tree horns have very sensitive leaves, please don't pull she'll deck ya.
:bulletblack: Not girly at all, very rarely wears skirts and or dresses.
:bulletgreen: Likes her hair short despite the fact she used to have waist long hair.
:bulletblack: Likes bacon and pepperoni on her pizza and can eat a large on her own

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