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Female l Forever Single l America

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Hey there, well if you're on my page now it's nice to meet you! Well this message will meet you. I'm Badluckbadkat, you can call me anything you're comfortable with. I really don't mind what you call me. I'm an average female (in my mind anyways), I like to draw, write, watch horror movies, eat sugar wafers, play Pokemon, watch anime, fangirl, cats, and a whole bunch of other shit. I'm a pretty vulgar person, I won't hestitate to cuss, so please be okay with that. I try to be funny even though i'm not so expect bad jokes aha. I've actually been on Deviantart for 4 years, I've moved accounts twice. So hopefully this will be the final one. I'm glad I actually have some watchers. Uhh, I'm just going to put a few stamps at the bottom, so maybe one will catch your interest and we can fangirl together sometime? Yeah. Have a nice day, or night, or afternoon? Aha...ha.

Pokemon by Toxic-Fox-GirlIt's Okay To Say Kawaii Stamp by TinkalilaCode Geass :: Stamp by o0-Azrael-0ostamp :: pierced by octobre-rougeOne Hell Of A Butler by DragonCodex
Black butler fanstamp Alois Trancy by XiahismSleep - Stamp by SuyyOnline friends stamp by SuyyOnline friends stamp.. again by SuyyVocaloid Stamp by maxari4
Horror Stamp by sequelleSurelyYouWillDieHere by endlerRPG Horror Game Love Stamp by vomitcuntForever lazy by prosaixDisconnected Stamp by SparklyDest
Mirai Nikki stamp by SolusNoxFNAF stamp by pastel--colorsCandy Stamp by fear-the-brillianceSinnoh Fan Stamp by EmpovyleUnova Fan Stamp by Empovyle
Fiore Fan Stamp by EmpovyleEevee Stamp by IttichyCharmander Stamp by IttichyVulpix Fan Stamp by Unknown-Shadow66- Warriors Stamp - by toonartt
american horror story stamp 3 by gothicmermaid13AHS Stamp v4 by silklungsHetalia Japan Stamp by leadervanceSweater Weather Stamp by Kezzi-RoseNightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Copyright ~ image by OtomeNishiki


My laptop is super buggy right now so everything I do at the moment is done off my phone. Hopefully it'll be okay by tomorrow
it's ok i wouldn't remember me either by Badluckbadkat
it's ok i wouldn't remember me either

I don’t want to be awake again,
I spend my days with my head in my hands.
If I go outside I’ll fall apart.
I am mostly scared of passing time,
the world it seems gets more unkind.
Inevitable tragedy will soon be mine.

I am looking for an easy place,
to mask my thoughts behind my face.
Oh brown baked column of victory.
Maybe I should just pack up and run away again,
and let you forget that you where once my friend.
Then watch another go on and do better without me.

But I could not go away, not if I wanted to.
I can hide from friends but I cannot hide from you.
These chemical reactions are dividing me.
Self-deprecating thoughts are interrupting all the time,
emphasizing all the traits that I wish weren’t mine.
They speak louder than everybody
I try to keep my eyes closed as my outlook isn’t bright,
compulsively complaining when I haven’t got the right.
I hate the way that I think and act.
I want to end reality but I feel hesitant,
optimistic that the future will be more concerned than the present,
and so for today I’ll remain intact.

I don't want to be awake again,
I spend my days with my head in my hands,
if I go outside i'll fall apart

i really want a cigarette..or just someone
::TCR:: Itotia by Badluckbadkat
::TCR:: Itotia


"Language is scary when over analyzed, every word I say seems far too contrived"

Name: Itotia (E-toh-TEA-ah) 
Nicknames: Tia
Gender: Female
Age: 2  1/2 years
Rank: Kahuna
Following: Ayaisa


" What are your intentions? I'm afraid of mine, every word that I say seems far to unkind"  

Mask: Sheep Skull graced with flowers upon the crown to cover cracking. Tia's mask is very large in comparison to her head so it covers her entire face. Her eyes are usually half open and so you can't really tell they're there, unless it's night.
Ability: Since sheep have amazing vision her vision is extended and can nearly see 365 degrees around her. 


" Pretend that i'm nicer than i'll ever be, i'm selfish and deluded enjoy my hypocrisy"  

Breed: American short hair x English longhair 
    [Shy/Introverted] [Cold/Distant] [Two-Sided] [Pessimistic] [Reliable] [Caring]
    Tia is a shy small cat that isn't very vocal or out there when it comes to crowds. She is used to being alone and closed up after her time as a Heel. This makes her a very anti-social kind of character that will be very awkward during conversation or just very blunt since her social skills are as dull as her coat color. Because of her introverted nature she has become a more distant cat. Becoming more enveloped in her rank and what she does she dedicates her time to learning more than talking to others. So she gives the cold shoulder kind of impression, which doesn't really stereotype her following. Tia is very two sided. She'll try to keep a positive head and will often give false hope to others because she feel sympathy for them. Though she'll keep her doubt and the majority of her negative thoughts away, usually telling them to flowers or trees. Already being touched upon, she's a pessimist. After her ritual her more optimistic nature faded away and was replaced with the exact opposite. She maybe a debby downer but she tries to hide best she cat. Tia is actually very reliable. She knows what she's doing and will always pull her weight and pull through being very good at being a Kahuna. If she says she can do it she'll probably do it. Though it's covered up by her more colder side she deep in her heart has always been a caring cat. Though her personality did a flip after the ritual, she has caring roots and if she cares enough will always show this. 
    [Kit life]
    Tia didn't understand why the masks had to be so ugly. They were always bone and often sun dried to be bleach white, or were old and yellowing. She was born with a twin brother, Meztli. Tia was a more shy and sweet kitten with a love for all things beautiful, while her brother was more of a excitable dare devil who wanted nothing more then to become an Ambassador one day. Tia often listened to her mother's stories and was very confused about the ritual that would happen as soon as she grew old enough to be a heel. She had never been keen in fighting and was always kind of gentle when it came to her play fighting, if it could even be called that. It was a fairly simple and sweet kit hood making her a very shy and sweet cat. It was until she became a heel that this would change.
    [Heel life]
    Tia decided to become a Kahuna Heel since she was always interested in such things and wasn't good at fighting whatsoever. Being the only kit at the time wanting to it was easy enough for her to become one. It was until the ritual that her positive outlook on this change in rank was altered. Once it had started she was immediately filled with icy cold fear followed by the sensation of digging at her eye lids and at her ribs. It was a long and dragged out process as her eyes were slowly and tortuously ripped from the sockets and the optic nerves were cut. As for her sides, all the way down to her hips they were cut up and bleeding, three ribs were twisted out of place and laying beside her. Once the mask had been made and the ritual over. Things were restored. But she herself was traumatized. She couldn't forget the digging. The slow painful digging and mutilation of her eyes, or the sensation of her rib nearly being detached from the spinal cord.   She became more shut in and would hardly talk to anyone, she was a nervous wreck a lot of the time and would flinch at any quick movement. As her training began as a Kahuna she would focus on that to keep the random dull pangs of pain at bay. This shaped her as more pessimistic cat since it was hard to keep the dull hits to her eyes and rib cage calm. She also hardly talked. Often her mother would apologize for letting her become that way. Her brother had been fine and maintained his personality quite well.  Since she found her mask to be very dull compared to other she decided to collect flowers to brighten it up, since no one would ever see her face again. She collected the most healthy looking pink flowers to add a weaved crown upon the top of the skull. This made her somewhat calm down, she put some in her fur as well in order to keep her feeling somewhat better.  Her mentor at the time watched over her and often babyed her as much as he could to try to keep her at the most calm she could be at the time. Since he was old by the time she nearly reached her 2nd year as a heel for the Kahuna, he had retired and decided to let her take his place. 
    [Kahuna Life]
    Being the new Kahuna she was very cautious she wanted to do her best in whatever she was needed for. Becoming a more reliable cat instead of letting her obsession with the pink flowers calm down so she could preform the best she could. Tia became a more reliable cat and made sure to take care whatever task he was called for with at least some sort of professional air to her despite her shy nature. 


"I should just shut my mouth as evidence piles against me, that I’m so much worse than I think, exposed as a phoney.  

Bullet; Black = Neutral
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black = Regret 
Bullet; Blue = Acquaintance
Bullet; BlackBullet; Blue = Pity / Annoyance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue = Sorrow / Sadness
Bullet; Green = Friend /BEST FRIEND
Bullet; GreenBullet; Blue = Mentor / Apprentice
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green = Jealousy 
Bullet; Yellow =SPECIAL
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow = Interesting / Strange
Bullet; BlackBullet; Yellow = Confusion / Worry
Bullet; Purple = Family / like family 
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple = Mixed feelings 
Bullet; Red = Dislike / Fear
Bullet; RedBullet; Red = Hate
Bullet; RedBullet; Black = Rival
Bullet; White = Respect
Bullet; WhiteBullet; White = Embarrassment
Bullet; GreenBullet; White = Trust / Confidant
Bullet; Pink = Crush / Attraction
Bullet; PinkBullet; Orange = Lust
Bullet; Orange = Love
Heart = Mate
Star! = Dead

Roleplay Example:
    A cream figure was bent over at some kind of forestry. The cat was picking at something with her paws delicately as her mask blocked her mouth most of the time. What she was picking at were some small pink flowers. If you looked closer those kind of flowers made a crown upon the skull's crown and were into her tail fluff and even in the neck piece of woven vines. It seemed she was collecting more for who knows what. Though the spots on both her flanks could identify her easily, it was the skull that really identified her. Snipping a few more with her tiny claws, the cat gathered up the flowers and crouched down sneaking them under her mask It was easily to get them as close to her muzzle as possibly since her mask was big for her head. She got them and turned. The sheep mask was a bit cracked by the eyes and the sides of her 'face'. This was definitely the Kahuna, Itotia. If the pink flowers and somewhat shiny paw cuffs didn't give it away, the mask sure did. Itotia walked her lopsided walk back to her den as the flowers were hidden from sight except for the steams which poked out from the sheep's grin. Taking her flowers back to her den she would work on the flower crown until she was needed for anything. 
::PKMN-KA:: Marianne Vang by Badluckbadkat
::PKMN-KA:: Marianne Vang

//edit So I redid the application art and I redid the backstory/history and elaborated on the personality for better chances ahd all geez I should be asleep cos EOCs are starting on Monday ;-; THIS TOOK MAINLY MY ENTIRE DAY AMG ;v;
idk I thought that this group was pretty hella so why not try to like get into it.
Mari is a sassy dorky book reader
she's so pretty though 
i hope i can get in cos this looks hella as frick

{Basic Information}

Name: Marianne Vang 
Nicknames: Mari, Anne, Annie, Vannie, Ria
Age: 17 years
Gender: Female
Pokémon Species: Meowstic 
Birthday: December 12th 
Height: 5'3 
Weight: 108 lbs

{Personal Information}

    Mari in short is an introverted, sassy, level headed, asshole. Being raised by a house of men made her a sassy little fighter as a child and that sassy trait stuck with her despite the fact she is a very introverted one. She doesn't really like people and can be considered very anti-social when it comes to the topic of team work. She isn't easy to get along with and with her pretty much 'i'm to cool for you' atmosphere it's hard for her to open and make friends(if she wanted them anyways). While she is a recluse and very sassy with her snide remarks, she is very level headed. It takes a while for her to get mad or even bothered by something. This level headed aura usually makes her seem uninterested. On the outside Marianne comes across as shy, cynical, and distrusting of nearly everyone. On the inside, she is very sassy, snarky, and kind of a sarcastic little bitch about everything with a small patch of kindness somewhere in there. Being the way that she is Mari can't make friends easily or really at all. Even if she hates to admit it she does get lonely sometimes and with her mean personality it's impossible to make friends. She can be classified as a tsudere. 
    Marianne Vang was born in the first few weeks of December as the youngest sibling in a family of 7. Marianne being the only female child born. The family was made up of her mother Alva(Meowstic), her father Balder(Purugly), eldest brother Bixi(Absol), the twins Alvadr(Liepard) and Daoi(Liepard), third eldest Haukr(Glameow), fourth eldest Edvin(Meowstic), and finally little Marianne. With the house being filled with mainly men Marianne began to learn habits of theirs, mainly swearing and the need to wrestle if ever in a dispute. She was a very unruly child with the will of steel. She was such a stubborn and sneaky child she would always find ways to escape her timeout. Since she was the youngest all of her brothers would either tease her immensely or teach her a bunch of things she was probably to young to know about(those being about battles, and knights and other manly things). Though her mother didn't approve much it was drowned out with the all the encouragement from her father and brothers. 
    Marianne as an older child and pre-teen was a lot more calmed down. She would spend a lot of time with Edvin since her mother was now able to find some kind of work instead of staying at home 24/7. Not to mention Bixi was nearly old enough to leave, the twins were busy running a muck, Haukr was busy with school, and their father was off doing what mercenaries do. So she would spend her days with Edvin learning more mentally challenging games like chess. Chess was the main game they would play. She learned how to play very well and even beat her brother a few times. Though they did spend their time playing chess or other games like that, he also would read to her and teach her about the world around them. Mainly since Marianne wasn't allowed to leave her house much. She became a more introverted little girl at this point. She would spend her time with books Edvin got for her, or would spend her time learning about the history of Tora. She read about many things including the story about the 4 swords of justice. She was intrigued on this because there was a follow up on the story of it, and it lead to an academy that trained knights. She had never really taken an interest in what her father or what Bixi did for a living but it interested her.
    As a young teenager she was able to leave her home more often. She would leave to town with either Edvin, the twins or, Haukr. Mainly she went with the twins since Edvin was more focused on his studies. The twins would often leave her to her own devices or bring her to the thick woods and allow her to watch as they practice their swordsmanship.  When she did watch she would focus intently on the two dueling. They were nimble and quick and she admired them. She wasn't as physically fit as her brothers and envied the fact they could do such amazing things with a blade. One day she decided to ask Aladr and Daoi to teach her how to use a sword. Though reluctant they decided that it was an okay thing to do and they allowed her to practice. Long story short no matter how she tried she was awful at it. She couldn't move the sword with enough force to actually cause some sort of damage, nor was she able to keep up with her brothers. Feeling dejected about it she nearly gave up until the twins came up with an idea. They saw how she was able to use her abilities to move around things and how she also read a lot of fantasy and magic books. So they came up with the idea of making her a magical bow. They asked a local shaman to help them craft a present for their baby sister. 
    On her 15th birthday she was given the magical bow. It was a beautiful weapon and she actually kind of liked the twins a bit more now. She asked her mother if she could practice with it and was shocked to hear an okay from her mother. Everyday she went to the woods to practice with her brothers. Very quickly they saw a HUGE improvement in her abilities. The two and her would often spare against each other and Mari would actually win a lot more often then the twins would want to admit. When her father came home for a while she showed him her abilities with her bow and he was surprised and very much happy with his daughter's work. She fully supported her and even suggested her joining some kind of knight academy. She had heard of this place before, she had read about it a few years back and totally let it slip her mind. She took some time to think about it actually. 2 years to be exact. 
    At the age of 17 she decided to apply for the school feeling her abilities were exceptional. She was happy about her bow work along with the brothers who felt the total need to brag about their little sister and her father who was her umber 1 fan. 


:bulletpurple: READING, Mari reads constantly you an find her in any library looking at various different books. Mainly ranging from fiction, fantasy, to magic books to help her get better.
:bulletblue: Chess, her and her brother used to play it all the time she is very good and enjoys playing against anyone who wants to go. 
:bulletwhite: Practicing her magic, she wants to get better so she works hard. She is fairly good but she wants to be better. 
:bulletpurple: Collecting flowers, she has an entire book of dried pressed flowers. She likes them a lot. 
House: Cobal House
    Marianne chose this house because she wanted to better herself in every aspect. Being a stubborn prick anyways she likes peace and isn't as unruly and mean as she was as a child. She wanted to make some kind of ripple for the good of the kingdom, as cheesy as it sounds. She isn't all meaness and sassiness. 

Weapon: Hillevi, this bow was given to her by her two twins brothers on her 15th birthday in attempts to increase her skill in sparing with them. They named the bow, not Mari. This bow was made to harness Psychic types abilities and use them to project magical aura into arrows. This bow can only be useful to psychic type pokemon. The bow is linked to Mari. It runs off of her energy and stamina. If she is rested and ready to go the arrows will fly three at a time and very fast. If she is tired out, injured, and or exhausted the arrows will go one or two at a time and very slow. The bow mainly reacts with Marianne since it was made for her but other psychic type pokemon can use it if they know how to. 
Class/SubClass : Mage / Mage Bow

Extras/Fun Facts:  
:bulletpurple: Mari eats a lot. Being raised in a house of men she eats a lot and most of the time it's a lot of meat related things. 
:bulletblue: She is very short and doesn't like being small. In her mind she is 8 feet tall and will crush you.
:bulletwhite: Mari loves her scarf and can be seen with it always on. 
:bulletblue: She is very speedy and on bad days avoids others in general. She can sneak past nearly anyone.
:bulletwhite: Mari sends letters to her brother Edvin a lot when he is home. 
:bulletpurple: As for her nicknames, Mari is common, Anne is another common thing, Annie is more of a pet name she can live without(aka it annoys her but you can use it anyways), Vannie is a close friend kind of thing, Ria is more of a family thing or a significant other kind of nickname. 
:bulletblue: She smells like lavender and old books
:bulletwhite: She inherited her head piece from her mother, mess with it she'll fight you.
:bulletpurple: Mari has an interest in alchemy, she admires alchemists and wonders how they do the things they do. She thinks they're cool as frick.
:bulletblue: Her favorite colors are Lavender, Indigo, and light pink
:bulletwhite: Mari rarely gets scared but when she does her ears will raise and she'll use her energy to push away whatever scared her. 
:bulletpurple: Her entire family is Norse based. Her name is Norse along with her family and her last name. 
:bulletblue: She can read old Norse writing, her brother taught it to her. She can't speak it, but she can read it.

PKMN Statistics:
Ability: Competitive - Competitive raises the user's Special Attack stat by two stages for each stat lowered by an opponent, including the Special Attack stat, even if reduced by Abilities, like Intimidate.
Nature: Sassy
Attacks: Psyshock, Disarming Voice, Light Screen, Psychic
::TCotV:: Redkit's new momma by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: Redkit's new momma
I wanted to make some of these for all my cats but I'm sick so forgive me for posting one xD
Here we go, i'll probs do more. I'm proud of this lighting though. Anyways, here we go short story.

    Redkit had been living in this clan for nearly a moon. His new 'mother' was a she-cat named Emberye. She didn't
like him too much being a more clan orientated cat who was more in touch with her clan then some loner kit. Her kits,
Streamkit and Fuzzykit (twin she-kits), were the only kits she cared for. They were fine with him and indifferent but
the she-cat he was supposed to call 'mother' could careless for him. He was sick about being alone. Embereye wouldn't 
even let him sleep by her stomach fluff unless it was freezing. He was left alone a lot and he was sick of it. He would often
cry every night until the sun rose. "I miss momma" he whispered to himself as he looked over towards the sunlight, the
bigger she cat's shadow blocked any warmth he could get. If he moved he would be yelled at.

Redkit/paw {c} Badluckbadkat (me)
Group - TheClansoftheValley 

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