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Female l Forever Single l America

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Hey there, well if you're on my page now it's nice to meet you! Well this message will meet you. I'm Badluckbadkat, you can call me anything you're comfortable with. I really don't mind what you call me. I'm an average female (in my mind anyways), I like to draw, write, watch horror movies, eat sugar wafers, play Pokemon, watch anime, fangirl, cats, and a whole bunch of other shit. I'm a pretty vulgar person, I won't hestitate to cuss, so please be okay with that. I try to be funny even though i'm not so expect bad jokes aha. I've actually been on Deviantart for 4 years, I've moved accounts twice. So hopefully this will be the final one. I'm glad I actually have some watchers. Uhh, I'm just going to put a few stamps at the bottom, so maybe one will catch your interest and we can fangirl together sometime? Yeah. Have a nice day, or night, or afternoon? Aha...ha.

Pokemon by Toxic-Fox-GirlIt's Okay To Say Kawaii Stamp by TinkalilaCode Geass :: Stamp by o0-Azrael-0ostamp :: pierced by octobre-rougeOne Hell Of A Butler by DragonCodex
Black butler fanstamp Alois Trancy by XiahismSleep - Stamp by SuyyOnline friends stamp by SuyyOnline friends stamp.. again by SuyyVocaloid Stamp by maxari4
Horror Stamp by sequelleSurelyYouWillDieHere by endlerRPG Horror Game Love Stamp by vomitcuntForever lazy by prosaixDisconnected Stamp by SparklyDest
Mirai Nikki stamp by SolusNoxFNAF stamp by pastel--colorsCandy Stamp by fear-the-brillianceSinnoh Fan Stamp by EmpovyleUnova Fan Stamp by Empovyle
Fiore Fan Stamp by EmpovyleEevee Stamp by IttichyCharmander Stamp by IttichyVulpix Fan Stamp by Unknown-Shadow66- Warriors Stamp - by toonartt
american horror story stamp 3 by blackestrose-13AHS Stamp v4 by silklungsHetalia Japan Stamp by leadervanceSweater Weather Stamp by Kezzi-RoseNightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Copyright ~ image by OtomeNishiki


::TCotV:: Old friends by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: Old friends
I jut posted Adderfang's app so I also drew this because they are old friends. It' cute and it was my original shipping when I made the adoptables that few years ago. It's cute okay. 
::TCotV:: Foxscar by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: Foxscar

So I like redid Foxscar's application because the last one was gross. Now we have my little bby all fancied up. Look at how grand I made him! Ah i'm proud of myself actually! He is my lil foxbutt c:





:: Name: Foxscar
:: Past Names: Foxkit, Foxpaw
:: Clan: Cloverclan
:: Rank: Warrior
:: Gender: Male

:: Reason for name ::  
.....: Prefix: Fox - His fur pattern and fur color reminded his momma of a fox
.....: Suffix: Scar - He was ironically mangled by a fox loosing the majority of his tail so afterwards he was promoted to warrior and got the name Foxscar 

:: Starting age: 2 years
:: Current age: 2 years
:: Breed Reference:  American Short hair

:: Past Mentor:  

:: Current Mentor:  

:: Past Apprentices:  

:: Current Apprentices:  




:: Written Appearance ::  
   A ginger tom with a fox like fur pattern and tabby marks along the back. He has light honey amber eyes and scars on his backside. Foxscar has half a tail.

:: Body Structure ::
   Average tom build, but sturdy shoulders

:: Size and Height ::
   27cm at the tips of ears, Average tom cat but two cm taller

:: Fur Length and Texture ::
   Short but coarse fur. It feels soft going down, but going up it is rough and somewhat itchy to the nose.  

:: Noticeable Features ::  
   2cm taller then average tom, scars all along right backside, half a tail

:: Scars ::  
  Scars on face - Those scars were received during the fox attack 
  Scars on right side of backside - Received during fox attack.
:: Scent ::  
   Foxscar smells like freshly groomed fur, fresh mint leaves, and fallen decaying leaves. Foxscar grooms his fur almost constantly (cleanliness is la policy) so his fur  at first sniff smells like it's been freshly groomed. He has a thing of mint, so when he can he rolls around in mint leaves that leave a deep scent on him when you bury your nose into his fluff. His limbs and face fur smell like decaying leaves. He constantly like walks in the forest and brushes his face on trees (Habit) so the smell of those fallen leaves sticks to him like honey. 
:: Eye Color ::  
  A light honey amber 



:: Sexuality ::  

.: Orientation:
.: Looking for:  
.: Relationship Status:  
.: Activity:  
Virgin olive oil

.: Turn Ons in a Potential:  
:bulletorange: Light fur, Foxscar likes lighter fur over dark fur
:bulletwhite: Dense Personality, Foxscar likes interesting conversations so cats with nice personalities attract him.
:bulletblack: Smaller than him, petite cats are cute in his eyes
:bulletgreen: Plain cats, he likes cats that look like plain janes he finds beauty in simplicity 
.: Turn Offs in a Potential:  
:bulletorange: Flirty cats, he doesn't like whores nuff said
:bulletwhite: Feisty personalities, He doesn't like sass and he doesn't like weird things he won't understand
:bulletblack: Air heads, He likes personality not air headed cats 
.: Currently Attracted to:  
 No one atm


:: Personality ::  

:: Traits Overview ::  
[ Intelligent ] - [ Solitary ] - [ Logical ] - [ Helpful ]

  Foxscar is a very intelligent cat. Instead of dedicating his apprentice moons to social activity he focused on learning all that he could. Which paid off making him excel beyond the others of his age. As a warrior he is still learning and likes to learn new things making him a smart cat. Because of his lack of social experience he i a very solitary cat. He doesn't mind being in social situations but he will very rarely start a conversation unless you do first. Though he lacks social skills he likes watching social things unfold. He is more of a watcher and learn than a do and learn kind of cat. Foxscar is a logical cat he doesn't day dream or really likes to imagine things that won't happen he likes thinking as realistically as possible which often leads him to not take chances and be as daring as other cats. He can be seen as bland or a pessimist but he only wants to think as real as possible. because of his knowledge he likes helping others. He enjoys lending a paw to those who don't know how to do things effectively or can't do them at all. He doesn't mind being batted away either he just wants to help those who can't help themselves. 





:: Belief Levels ::  
..................... :.: Belief in Starclan - Medium
..................... :.: Belief that Truth will Prevail - Medium
..................... :.: Belief in True Love - Low

:: Strongest skill ::  
    Stalking, though a very odd strong skill it comes useful for many things. Foxscar is able to basically disappear into tall grasses, or brush with ease making him a hard target to find until he strikes at you. Making his long range attack skills stronger then close combat skills.  
:: Strengths ::  
o    Long Range attacks. Because of his stalking skills he can creep up close, attack, then repeat. It works in handy when over powered.
o    Hunting. A family skill. His parents were great hunters as his grandparents, so this skill has run in his blood for ages.
o    Swimming. With his strong body he can easily get through the water with ease even in currants. 
:: Weakest skill ::
   Mercy, though sounding cold Foxscar has never been well in sympathizing or emotion things so most of the time it's hard for him to show any. Foxscar can come off as a total douche for this, but it's hard for him to understand and most of the time doesn't show mercy at all. 
:: Weaknesses ::  
o    Family. Though he is pretty distant form his siblings his mother means the world to him. So do anything to her, you may cripple him.
o    Climbing up rocky surfaces. His claws aren't that useful when gripping things so things like rocks, slippery rocks, or anything slippery will make him a complete klutz.
:: Fears ::  
Death Being crushed
Death Dying Alone
Death Being a cripple 




.: Birth season:  
Late Spring

[ Pre-Birth ]  
  Quickfang and Gingertuft were the average couple. The two were warriors, who excelled in the art of attack and hunt. Quickfang was a fairly nice tom, tolerant, and had acceptable fatherly skills. Gingertuft was a semi long haired fuzzy female with a good nature, honest behavior, and a sweet smile. So the two eventually became mates in their mid warrior lives. Once Gingertuft was expecting kits, Quickfang did all he could to help out his mate. He was a loyal mate and often spent time with her when he wasn't called for patrol. 
 Gingertuft was happy to be expecting kits and was genuinely excited for their little bundles of fluff. Quickfang was excited as well. And he was preparing himself for parenthood

[ Kit-hood ]  
    In late spring Foxkit was born. He was born with two littermates. In the bundle by his mother's stomach lay, Foxkit, his sister Specklekit, and his other sister Featherkit. He was named 'Foxkit' because as he slept his mother belly, he was curled up and hidden in her fluff it reminded her of a fox hiding in it's den, not to mention his fur pattern looked like he was a tiny fox. 
Once his eyes opened, he was able to explore the tiny world of the nursery. He would often watch his sisters share secrets and talk. He didn't understand why they didn't let him join in, but he didn't mind. He LOVED exploring. He would crawl into little burrows and often gets a few thorns in his shoulders, which would be fixed fairly fast. He was fine on his own.
 Once he was able to understand things a bit more, he would often be taught how to be polite and the most well mannered of the kits in the nursery. Foxkit was a very proper and polite kit. He would greet everyone whom he crossed paths with. He was veyr obedient and kind to everyone. Though when he saw others in emotional distress he couldn't wrap his mind around it. He was very dumbfounded. If he was ever sad, he wouldn't cry or really anything. He'd just sit there staring off. 
  Foxkit aged nicely, and he grew taller. He was lnaky though, still harboring kit like features. But as he was an apprentice, he could see the pride on his mother's eyes.

[ Apprenticeship ]  
  As a young apprentice, Foxpaw was focused solely on training. His mentor Grayflight was a senior warrior, but still in his prime. He was a tough mentor and pushed him to do his best. Learning and knowledge were all that Foxpaw cared for. His sisters were close, and he was expected to be close to them. He detatched from most of his family bonds to focus on training. He had his amber gaze set for that rank of a warrior.
  Though as he matured, he started getting a more sturdy and more male like build. He was very strong and excelling. Though what he didn't notice was a she-cat flirting with him. He brushed it off as common politeness and brushed her off. Killing his only clear chance at a relationship. He was basically alone at that point. When he slowed down on the training he sawhow everyone had friends and he didn't have really anyone, except for the occasional greeting from his family. 
  By the time he noticed that he had to make bonds with others it was already pretty late. His warrior assessment was just a day away. 
  During the assessment, he found the scent of a fox. following it out of curiousity, he found the den. The vixen stirred and noticed him. A fight between the two broke out, leading him to the win. But he was badly injured and by the time they found where he had ran off to, he was collapsed in his own blood. Going to the medicine cat, he lost half his tail. He had to wait there and heal before he was announced a warrior, but he was fairly obedient. After he healed, he was finally announced a warrior. 

[ Warrior ]  
  As he was announced a warrior, he got an obvious name. FOXSCAR He didn't mind it, and the scars were nothing but marks on him. He didn't understand what was so horrible about them. He was a young warrior and so life of monotone and dull. He didn't have apprenticeship friends to chat with, and he was mostly alone. Though he didn't  know it, he fell into a monochrome depression. He was alone and the days were nothing but things that meant nothing. He didn't mind. 
  He just continued on. Moons passed and he often visits his elderly mother. 




.: Theme Song(s):  
A Realistic Logical Ideologist -…
Paradichlorobezene -…

.: Hobby:   
= Sleeping
= Helping others
= Aimlessly walking around

.: Likes:  
+ Helping others
+ Cleanliness!!!!
+ Climbing trees
+ Grooming himself
+ The taste of fresh mouse

.: Dislikes:  
x Messy situations
x Not understanding affection well
x Sneezing
X Getting itchy
X When females flirt with him and he clearly doesn't understand but they think he is playing
X Being Misunderstood
X Not being able to see his mother
X Noisy crowds

.: Favorites :.
Flower: Daisy
> Prey: MICE
> Activity: Climbing trees
> Season: Late Summer

.: Vocal Information :.  
- His voice is very clean cut. It is rarely raspy and fully understandable 
- If you need to hear his voice (It's Levi from Attack on Titan JAPANESE)…
- It rarely wavers unless highly agitated. 

.: Trivia Facts :.  
  • He is a  CLEAN FREAK. He likes everything in order at all times
  • He likes warmth. He will cuddle anything warm, weather it is a stick or a cat. He doesn't care.
  • Foxscar always looks tired in the eyes. He loves sleep but he still looks tired.
  • His first prey was a mouse. It's why he likes them so much.




.: Grandparents:  
.......... -Father's Side: Harefeather(Grandma) , Oaktail (Grandpa)
.......... -Mother's Side: Russetflower(Grandma) , Halftail(Grandpa)
.: Parents:  
.......... -Father: Quickfang
.......... -Mother: Gingertuft
.: Aunts/Uncles:  
.......... -Aunts: Softflame(Alive) , Tinypool(Alive)
.......... -Uncles: Brackentail(Alive), Paleclaw(Alive), Tallslash(Alive)
.: Siblings:  
.......... -Brothers: none
.......... -Sisters: Featherstep(Alive) , Specklecloud(Alive)
.......... -Littermates: Featherstep , Specklecloud
.: Cousins:  
.......... -Female: Sorrelpaw(Alive) , Pinepaw(Alive)
.......... -Male: Lichenpaw(Alive)
.: Crush: none 
.: Past Mates:  none
.: Mate:  none
.: Mated With:  none 
.: Kits: none
.......... -Sons: none
.......... -Daughters: none
.......... -Adopted: none

:: Relationship Chart ::  
relationship chart (link please) 




.: Time Zone :.
  Uhh Central Time zone (? ) I have no idea i'm sorry guys

.: Best Times to roleplay :.
   Anytime except for early morning. I don't wake up during the summer until noon or later. But for school, I'll be on around 3pm since school ends at 2pm and I like naps. 

.: Best Ways to Roleplay :.
o     Notes
o     Comments (sometimes)
o     Blogs (sometimes but not likely)
o     Skype (I don't know how to work skype, so I don't use the one I made like a year ago. So no.)
o     Chats (My laptop acts weird when I try to, but if I ever can get back into chat i'll see you sexy people around.)
o     Google Docs (I have no idea what the hell this is, no)
o     Text (I don't give out my number unless like I know and trust you guys. Sorry!)
::TCotV:: when your apprentice is taller than you by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: when your apprentice is taller than you
I finished this like Thursday night but I passed out before uploading so here we have Redpaw and Heathersprig. 
I kinda just wanna move up Redpaw so i'll probably draw again tonight and finish up an updated reference sheet. So yeah

oops by Badluckbadkat
it really sucks when you get really sad after one small thing happens.
like whoa okay i know no one likes me do you have to make me feel 50x worse?
ouch there goes another peice of my heart out the window.

fuck i just want to curl up and never come out of my room again.
i'm trying sso hard not to cry and i'm failing 

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