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::TCotV:: Raven x Crow Kit adopts by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: Raven x Crow Kit adopts
    The lineart is mine and the designs are from me and Shinju ^^

Sorry I stole your formatting Shinju ;-; I'm tired and got some pizza on the way so excuse the laziness ^-^;

- these are for TheClansoftheValley ONLY
- I will probably be picking rpers already in the group but you may tryout if you aren't already in the group.
- You may try out for as many as you want but you will only be chosen for ONE kit.
- free (obv)
- don't think just by commenting they're yours. I will let you know if you get the cat.
- remember to make their ref sheet soonish
- I'd prefer the names not to be changed, but if you want you can ask and I wouldn't mind thinking about it c:
- they'll be born in the next few weeks(??? Hopefully ;-; )

:: What I want in the comments ::
- The number of the cat you're trying out for 
- the name
- a brief personality 
- a few trivia facts or tidbits about them
- (I would prefer the suggested gender to stay their gender but this can be negotiated) 

1, 2,
3, 4
5, 6

About the couple and kits : 
    Ravenstar and Crowfall have been mates for a while and finally they are having kits. They are going to be Plainesclan kits. Ravenstar is actually very excited for these lil bundles of joy.
1) Female
2) Male
3) Male
4) Female
5) Male
6) Female

    Number: 5
Name: Rainkit
Personality: Very upbeat and positive, but also super shy. He tends to stick to the outside of the crowd and doesn't participate as much as the other kits, but still has fun. If he's close to another cat, though, he likes to talk a lot. He loves listening to stories and enjoys the company of older cats more than those his age.
-A real momma's boy
-He likes flowers A LOT but they make him sneeze (A LOT).
-He likes it when its cloudy and cold tho
-Fidgets when hes nervous or scared

she already has a thrush-- in the group so she wants to ask about a different name. She has listed 
Dovekit (and OMG I love this one!) 
ashkit or cinderkit 
Personality Points: hot headed, jumps to conclusions, always ready to fight (she's small but feisty), grudge master, big bully
Tidbits: she fights then asks questions

This girl is very odd. She has an interest in both herbs and stars and sometimes sneaks away from her mom to watch the stars. She sometimes nicknames stars and the other kits with strange names, such as ; Big eyes - Curly fur - Little drop - Small cloud - Smoke mouth to name a few of those. She loves her father is a big daddy's girl, and will sometimes sneak into the Warriors den to curl around his thin tail or paws. She is protective over for her siblings when needed and is also quite disobedient, seeing as she sneaks away.
-Adores and admires father
-Loves her siblings
-Uncertain about mother
-Not as open as some of the kits
-Hold grudges
-Enjoys freedom
-Enjoy Games


number: 2
name: starlingkit (i love love love this name omg)
personality: a shy, quiet tom whos only real friends are his siblings. hes a target for bullying and isnt very good at comebacks. in fact, he finds it difficult to be mean at all.
- hes easily uncomfortable
- he adores his father
- he either has a stutter or a lisp i cant decide (maybe both?)
- he has cerebellar hypoplasia which makes him a very clumsy baby

Personality: paranoid, mutters a lot, not quite trusting of anyone, tries to smile and appear happy but thinks the worst will happen, pessimist but thinks a little higher of her family. She is nervous about making friends and oftens tries to hide in the leaders den even when Ravem isn't there. 
- she likes quiet empty places
- she loves small hard to get to places
- enjoys ravens den and tries to sneak in there 
- she likes listening and observing 
- hates being out on the spot suddenly

:Shortstory: Bloody Nose by Badluckbadkat
:Shortstory: Bloody Nose

WARNING: Sensitve content below. If you are easily offended please do not read the short story below. This is a work of fiction and was made pretty much on the spot. This picture was originally a vent but no one would look at it if it was. Please do not comment hate below I will hide your comment because you have been warned. This includes a lot of very hardcore Christianity most likely like the Puritans in a way, please do not get offended. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION AND YOU SHOULDN'T READ THIS IF YOU GET OFFEND OMF

    Footsteps encircled the naked girl on the ground, the snow and ice below her made her bruised skin numb. Her head was spinning but she couldn't open her eyes, mainly because he wasn't there...

    The snow kept a small god-fearing village hidden from the bigger settlements around. It was the dead of winter and the snow fell every night. A young man in the village by the name of Aiden helped his mother tend to the farms during the summer and helped her with his many siblings and housework during the winter. One day he toke his family's horse out to get firewood since they were running out very quickly and the house was growing to cold for his baby sister.
He rode out into the forest around noon since it was warmest. He rode for a few miles in search of wood that the frost hadn't claimed. He couldn't burn damp wood. He had a axe with him and a two rolls of bread from the wheat that grew around the summer time. The dark brown haired man found his way to the edges of a clearing. The trees there were drier than the rest and in the middle a small run down shack of a home sat. The disheveled chimney had a very thin line of smoke. This surprised him, no one was allowed to live this far out of town. There was rumored to be a witch with the horns of a ram living out there and living in a very god loving community, this scared them. Aiden had never believed in such deformity, it was just an old wives tale to him. Getting off the brown plow horse he tied it to a near by frozen branch. Maybe whom ever lived here could point out a few good trees to chop a few branches from. He knocked lightly on the rotting wood of the door, as he did he heard a small scuffle from inside. A bit curious now he called, "Hello? Is anyone there? i just require some help with firewood." he made his objective clear. There was no answer. He knocked again, "Please, i need to help my infant sister." his sister did need the warmth to survive the winter so he was fairly desperate for some good wood. The door cracked open slightly to reveal a green eye, "..firewood?" a shaking voice asked him. Backing away from the door a bit he nodded, "Yes, just a few good pieces, please." he asked again. The door shut again and a small scuffling was heard again, footsteps made it's way to the door again. "Turn around, please do not look at the door." He was a bit confused but did as the short girl asked. He turned around and he heard the door open and wood was placed on the floor. He turned back around once she said it was okay. On the ground, or well on a knit blanket were some good pieces of firewood. He was pleased to see this, "Thank you, so very much. May I ask your name?" he asked. "To thank you, properly." he added. She hide behind the door as she heard him speak. She hadn't uttered her name in a while and she was quiet for a little bit, "Mira." she answered. He piped up and nodded, "Thank you then Mira" he looked back at his horse and bid her farewell. He rode back to the village on his horse.
    The days past and the wood burned and his sister stayed healthy. It was until he needed more that he decided to return to the strange girl, 'Mira', for good wood. He would come back every week and slowly his interest in her grew. He never saw her face, only heard her voice and maybe caught a glimpse at her small, pale, shaking hand. One day, in the middle of January he returned but this time it wasn't for wood.
"Mira? Are you there?" he knocked. He heard the familiar scuffling of small footsteps as she answered, "Yes, I am. Do you need wood for your sister once more?" her voice answered through the wood.  He shook his head, "No, I want to know more about you. I always ask you for wood and you give me some so I want to know who I am getting help from." he answered. Mira answered quickly, "There is nothing to know." He was a bit surprised, most females usually wouldn't stop talking about themselves. "But-" "Please do not press further, you are a man of god and you mustn't associate with me any longer." she answered. He seemed a bit shocked. "Mira what do you mean? Open the door...I want to at least see who has helped me." he asked of her. "No. I cannot." she answered. He had never really wanted to lose his decency but he wanted to know who she was and why she had said something like that. "Mira, I beg of you. I will not ask anything else of you except a look at your face."
Mira had grown to like Aiden. It wasn't her fault he was so kind and talked warmly about his sister, she felt like she could at least give him this since she had shared her small amount of wood with him. She looked down at the wooden floor, she was nervous since she knew that this could be the death of her, but she felt the warmth of his trust in her. "v-very well.." she whispered.
Aiden backed away from the door and it opened. Standing behind it a girl with fairly long dark brown hair stood there. She had soft green eyes and pale skin...and a pair of ram horns that curled around her skull. Her clothing was in rags and her fingers tips shook. Her nose, eye rims, and lips were tinted pink and she looked cold. He stared, the rumors were true. Mira was the witch with the devil horns. He felt his stomach turn...he had fallen for a witch with horns, horn of a ram no less. He backed away, "'re the witch with the ram horns.." he stammered out.
Mira felt her heart crash down to the bottom of her body as she tried to calm him down. "I..I'm no witch I swear..!" He shook his head, "You have horns! How could you not? I..I can no longer see you Mira...never again. You are nothing but a deceitful witch!" His up bringing had taught him that this was evil. No matter how kind she seemed this was the work of the devil and he ran off. He left Mira in tears on the snowy ground.
    Mira didn't see him again. For weeks and even a month, she never heard the horse's whinnies by her door. She was heart broken but thought she was safe. Sure it was lonely again but it was better than what they did to her mama. They had beat her and left her naked on the ground and she died. Mira shook the thoughts away and drifted to sleep on her bed of rags.
It was late at night that she heard many horses coming. She could hear the footsteps of many people as well. She grew scared. This couldn't be, he wouldn't do this. HE COULDN'T DO THIS. She hide in her corner and began crying. It wasn't her fault was it? She was born with matter of picking at them would they leave her.

Her door was bashed in. Men went in and grabbed her. They stripped her and threw her to the ground and spit at her. They then beat her. This lasted hours and she was left on the ground bleeding and nearly dead.

He is coming to help me...
I helped him so he'll help me right? hurts really this how much it hurt?


    The horned witch was never heard of again. 
::TCotV:: Do you sleep anymore? by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: Do you sleep anymore?
So my friend also happens to listen to Citizen and well I feel bad but I like some of these songs and
since Adder is having a hard time I made a sad picture for him because I am in the mood ;-; I really want to
make speedpaints because they seem pretty cool but like I'm trying not to get anymore viruses and I don't want to download icky things ;-; GOSH DARN IT
    Anyways, Adder has to deal with the fact his best friend and childhood and current love is currently pregnant with another guy's babies. And he offered to take the blame to be the dad but of course Heather doesn't want the family to look odd if he were to slip up with his rage and short temper. Though Adder has always wanted to kind be a family with her and that just made him feel like, 'Whoa..she..thinks I'd do that..' And yeah just kinda a bit feelsy and tired because this isn't the first time she's messed around. Also I felt like making it feelsy and not all of the lyrics apply to the actual situation, drama is just cool ig. Geez Adder is okay m8 you'll win her heart with your odd rageful caringness..

Anyways lyrics and then group link down below

We both feel asleep on the floor, then I left you there
We spent so many days along, so i'll kill myself to makes things fair
See I just hated being tired cause I can't seem to sleep anymore
You and your friends were right about me all along

Do you sleep anymore?

Now I'd love to be patient, but I just won't wait
Getting sick and tired of the smile that I fake everyday
Now I'd love to speak my mind, but I can't think straight
And I would love to feel alive again, but I'm not used to change

Do you sleep anymore?

ANd if it makes you feel better, I'll be on my way
You know all this time I sit around and think, but there's nothing to say
And if you want to feel better, I'll stay out of your way
And I would love to feel alive again, but I guess that can wait

Do you sleep anymore?
::TCR:: Momo Sibling Adoption by Badluckbadkat
::TCR:: Momo Sibling Adoption
    These are Momo's siblings! All four of his sisters are showcased here. Below is some information on them and if you want you can adopt them and join the group The-Chimera-Ritual it's pretty worth it and I left the mask up to the person who adopts them but i'll leave some suggestions down if it helps ^^
    All of them are for the Gainai following!

    Papan is a very adamant she-cat. She is an outrider and likes to how of her amazing hunting skills. She doesn't like talking about her Heel days since she used to be very meek and scared of her own shadow, she obviously gained back her nerve and is less bossy and now very sure of herself. She LOVES decorating her mask with beads, paint, charms, really anything. She enjoys keeping the trinkets her brother gives her and likes visiting him. Her Xoco like hunting together.
    Mask Suggestions, any type of dog like animal skull(Dog, fox, wolf, coyote, dingo, ect.), any kind of bear skull would work too(Grizzly, polar, panda, black bear, ect.)

    Tlalli is a very innocent and naive cat. She is a modest and shy kind of cat that usually cannot talk to the opposite sex without stuttering. She is very optimistic and often cheers her sisters and friends on. It's very odd to see her as a sentinel but she is a very good fighter. She has a very small and agile build and she can easily double team with Coszactl. She enjoys her brother's company and they share the near same eye color. She likes to keep her mask in the best condition ever and is VERY easy to scare. Doesn't wear a lot of accessories, except for metal bands or maybe a few charms.
    Mask Suggestions, Red panda skull, Racoon Skull, rabbit wood carving mask(Maybe with willow wood or some kind of smooth pale wood).

    Xoco is a meek but very smart cat. She has a very young voice and can be mistaken for a heel. Under her mask she has freckles along her muzzle. She doesn't talk very loud and can be seen as very scared of many things. Despite her mouse like voice she has a brave heart and feels strong on the inside. She likes hunting with her sister and visiting her brother. She enjoys flowers and is always teased with by her siblings since she was the last kit born in the litter. She is very hard to scare. She likes wearing accessories, a lot. 
    Mask Suggestions, some kind of bird, a smooth wood mask with paintings, something plain but somewhat decorated.

    Coszactl is a very mean and cynical cat. She has changed so much since when she was a kit. She doesn't trust anyone but Tlalli and hates her brother for some reason. She is very violent and is great at fighting. She snaps very easily and is often yelled at for being to mean or being a brute. She has all this pent of anger and often is seen striking trees to cool off. She likes talking to Tlalli and tells her everything, they are very close. Her mask usually has beads and charms on it, usually for a clam mind and for a good fight.
    Mask Suggestions, a tiger mask(maybe any other big cat, large fangs preferable), a wolf skull, maybe even an ape skull. Again something with fangs is best. The charms would be tied around the teeth.

    These are all the cats up for adoption, just ask below for one and please visit the group. Once you do read up on it a bit and make the application. I encourage you guys to check it out it's soo worth it guys. Plus there is an event at the moment and idk you guys might be interested. The line art is not mine.
::Pokehost:: Kaede Fukui by Badluckbadkat
::Pokehost:: Kaede Fukui

Name: Kaede Fukui (Fukui Kaede)
Nickname: Dede(Sisters call him this), Uke
Gender: Male
Age: 18 years
Pokemon: Ninetales

Host type/Club: Music club
    Kaede is a very easy going kind of guy. He is always calm and usually has this warm happy aura around him. He tends to be very happy a lot of the time and is very optimistic. Though he wouldn't really say his an introvert, he has his moments were he feels a bit awkward. He tries not to be formal, and is often very casual about everything. He likes making others happy and seems like a well rounded person. He doesn't really get sad much, he hasn't really gone through any hardships so he doesn't understand sadness to well, which can make him ignorant to other people's emotions sometimes. He is very awkward. He is a hopeless romantic though, he has his little day dreams and is often caught strumming a happy little tune on his ukelele.
    Kaede was the youngest son in a business oriented family. He had two older sisters and one older brother. He was doted on by his sisters and mother while his father was the CEO of some beauty company. His brother on the other hand was a drop out and was disowned by his father, so Kaede never knew his older brother. Being the 'only' boy his father wanted him to be smart and educated, so by the time he began Pre-School he was put into some fancy upperclass academy. Kaede went to school everyday and was actually very shy. He was afraid of other male children and often made friends with the little girls playing 'House' or playing jump rope. He was fairly likeable by the teachers and the majority of the female students. He passed with flying colors.
    Primary school for Kaede was a bit tougher. His father once again moved him to another school and he was put in advanced classes for someone so young. He had all this pressure on his shoulders and he didn't understand why. He was just a little kid and wanted nothing else then to play with his toys and wander around the house chasing the dog or something. He hated school. When Junior high started he first went to some other fancy school. By this time he was pretty much that quiet kid who hardly talked and did his work on time. At this school he met a Buneary girl in music appreciation class. She was very bright and liked to play the ukelele. He had taken an interest in the tiny guitar and asked her if she could teach him it. It sounded like a very happy little thing and she agreed. Everyday during that class he would learn how to play it and he grew  a bit more joyful to go to school. He soon grew to love and somewhat master the tiny guitar and he wanted one of his own. His sister got him one in secret on his birthday.
    He spent his days in his room playing the small thing and learning songs from the internet. His father found out soon enough and on Winter break he had a talk with his son. He basically told Kaede that this was only a phase and that he shouldn't try to pursue such an odd instrument and maybe he should pick up piano or something a bit more dignified at least. Hearing that some Buneary girl had gotten his son into the tiny guitar he decided to exchange schools once the year school year came up. Kaede was a bit sad to be leaving his friend behind.
    On New Years he went to the shrine with his mother and sisters, that day he was given a fire stone. He evolved at the shrine. His last day of school in his junior high he decided to bye to the Buneary. When he had gone to meet her in the courtyard she confessed to liking him and even kissed him. But Kaede didn't like her in that way nor did he see her as anything but a friend so he politely turned her down as best as he could. He than was moved to Ouran Highschool.

    +Long sleeved shirts
    + Sweaters
    +Spicy foods
    +Warm places
    +Being warm
    +Making his mother proud of him
    +His sisters

    -His father pressuring him
    -Getting wet
    -Being confessed to
    -Being awkward
    -Sour tunes
    -Scary stories (WIMP AF TBH)

Sexual orientation: Homosexual (??)</b>
Significant other: ...
:bulletred: People who like his playing
:bulletwhite: Cold skin, usually cools him off
:bulletred: Cute eyes, don't ask me he's a weirdo
:bulletwhite: Cuddle bugs, he likes cuddling a lot
:bulletred: Tsundere..

Relationships: [Format] - character name; gender/owner - "Feelings towards character"
Bullet; Purple Relative Bullet; White Neutral  Bullet; Yellow Acquaintance Bullet; Green Friend Bullet; Pink Love Bullet; Orange Crush Bullet; Red Discomfort Bullet; Black Despise 

:bulletred: His strap is attached to his Ukelele case, because he plays Ukelele.
:bulletwhite: Wears plain clothes because he doesn't like to express his wealth. It makes him feel weird.
:bulletred: He knows how to play Rip Tide, Island in the sun, and Hey there Delilah from the top of his head.
:bulletwhites: Keeps a neat notebook filled with cords and notes for his Ukelele
:bulletred: Likes his Ukelele a lot.
:bulletwhite: His parents just think he is going through a phase with his ukelele 
:bulletwhite: His tails often get in the way so he doesn't know how to swim to well
:bulletred: He likes western culture a lot, and this makes his father angry
:bulletwhite: Sings decently but isn't like hella amazing
:bulletred: He does like anime and manga, this is a secret and he has a secret stash under his bed in a purple box.
:bulletwhite: He just really likes daisies.
:bulletred: Doesn't like sweets too much??? Icecream is an exception.
:bulletwhite: Just really likes music boxes ok

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