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Female l Forever Single l America

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Hey there, well if you're on my page now it's nice to meet you! Well this message will meet you. I'm Badluckbadkat, you can call me anything you're comfortable with. I really don't mind what you call me. I'm an average female (in my mind anyways), I like to draw, write, watch horror movies, eat sugar wafers, play Pokemon, watch anime, fangirl, cats, and a whole bunch of other shit. I'm a pretty vulgar person, I won't hestitate to cuss, so please be okay with that. I try to be funny even though i'm not so expect bad jokes aha. I've actually been on Deviantart for 4 years, I've moved accounts twice. So hopefully this will be the final one. I'm glad I actually have some watchers. Uhh, I'm just going to put a few stamps at the bottom, so maybe one will catch your interest and we can fangirl together sometime? Yeah. Have a nice day, or night, or afternoon? Aha...ha.

Pokemon by Toxic-Fox-GirlIt's Okay To Say Kawaii Stamp by TinkalilaCode Geass :: Stamp by o0-Azrael-0ostamp :: pierced by octobre-rougeOne Hell Of A Butler by DragonCodex
Black butler fanstamp Alois Trancy by XiahismSleep - Stamp by SuyyOnline friends stamp by SuyyOnline friends stamp.. again by SuyyVocaloid Stamp by maxari4
Horror Stamp by sequelleSurelyYouWillDieHere by endlerRPG Horror Game Love Stamp by vomitcuntForever lazy by prosaixDisconnected Stamp by SparklyDest
Mirai Nikki stamp by SolusNoxFNAF stamp by pastel--colorsCandy Stamp by fear-the-brillianceSinnoh Fan Stamp by EmpovyleUnova Fan Stamp by Empovyle
Fiore Fan Stamp by EmpovyleEevee Stamp by IttichyCharmander Stamp by IttichyVulpix Fan Stamp by Unknown-Shadow66- Warriors Stamp - by toonartt
american horror story stamp 3 by gothicmermaid13AHS Stamp v4 by silklungsHetalia Japan Stamp by leadervanceSweater Weather Stamp by Kezzi-RoseNightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Copyright ~ image by OtomeNishiki


MLP Obsidian 'Minkie' Pie by Badluckbadkat
MLP Obsidian 'Minkie' Pie

   who reads mlp darkfics?

     Anyways this is Obsidian 'Minkie' Pie from the fanficton (Or well darkfic) Muffins. She's one of Pinkie's sister's and she's probably
my favorite character. Her voice is probably the best thing i've ever heard and I honestly love her to pieces //get it pieces?
Anyways so I did some fan art cos idk she's adorable and stuffs

Obsidian Minkie Pie {c} Reitanna-Seishin
Art {c} Me
::TCotV:: I MADE THESE THINGS well Cherry did... by Badluckbadkat
::TCotV:: I MADE THESE THINGS well Cherry did...
 So since Sweets can't have babies idk Cherry's pallet is closest to hers so yeah.
That explains the title tbh. Anyways let's see what these little kitties would be

Hopkit: Hopkit is an exact copy of Leapstar down to the eye color. Though her personality is more for the excitable kind of gentle exteroverted kind of kit. She has really soft curly fur which makes her look like Sweetbee a bit. She is twins with Littlekit. She is a very short kitten but uses this to her advantage. She loves playing hide and seek. She loves love stories and is a hopeless romantic. She often asks Sweetbee for love stories since Sweetbee is a very love orientated cat. She loves her 'Papa' a lot and wants to be like him when she's older, she strives to be a leader like her father. 
Rowankit: Rowankit is a odd lookinng kit. His colors are darker but he resembles Cherry in a way since his eyes are light yellow. He is a very stocky kind of cat. He has a thick pelt and fairly slitted eyes. He is a very honest kitten he. Rowankit likes telling the truth and often can be seen as a 'tattle tale' but he only wants to do the right thing. He likes honest work and likes to do thing son his own being independent. He watches out for his female siblings and tries to be buddy buddy with Littlekit his only brother. He looks up to his father and often tries to help Sweetbee out while dealing with snarky Falconpaw.
Blossomkit: Blossomkit is a darker copy of Sweetbee which was actually kind of weird (Sweetbee probably prayed to Starclan to get a kit to look like her). Blossom is blind. Her eyes are a pale green and she can't see what so ever, having white or sometimes gray circles covering her black iris. She was named by Cherryblossom, but is Sweetbee's pride and joy. Blossom is a good natured kit with a good sense of humor and a kind heart. She's your average sweet little girl stereotype really. She likes doing things on her own and often likes following her father around, by usually clinging to his paw and hitching a ride on the larger tom. Her siblings all treat her kindly and try to help her out best they can. She likes getting help but if you baby her too much she'll throw a slight fit.
Littlekit: Littlekit is a slightly paler copy of Leapstar with a pale cream base color instead of white. He is an introverted quiet tom who probably thinks to much. He is named "Little-' not only to start a male name with 'L' for Leapstar but also because his build differs from his brother's. He is more feminine in shape. He doesn't mind this, it makes him flexible. He is close to his twin Hopkit even though they are opposites. He often follows her around and they make a cute pair. He isn't well known like his other siblings since he is more of a recluse. 

kittens r prty kool tbh
MLP Dizzy Print by Badluckbadkat
MLP Dizzy Print
Oh hey look it's Dizzy Print.

Name: Dizzy Print 
Age: Young Adult
Height: Average Mare height
Current Residence: Canterlot
Cutie Mark Stuff: Dizzy's cutie mark is a black ink pen with a blue ink stain and white cursive letters on it. She got her cutie mark after printing her first copy of her school's newspaper.

Personality: Dizzy is an awkward mare. She is often very confused and could be seen as air headed. She always has a somewhat lightened aura around her because she's mainly always happy. She's very well when it comes to being out there with her friends, but to strangers she is very awkward and tongue tied. Dizzy is very naive and can be fooled easily, not to mention she is very gullible. Though being a news pony she is very gullible so she often has to have her work looked over. Though she is very gullible this doesn't always have to be bad. She can easily be cured of an stress of anxiety if you tell her a white lie. Dizzy doesn't mind if you use a white lie to calm her down but lying hardcore to her will probably make her sad. She isn't the type of pony to get mad. 
Backstory: Dizzy Print was born to a traveling journalist named Scribble Lead. Scribble had given birth in Canterlot so she decided to settle down for the sake of her foal. Scribble settled in a tiny apartment by a news press, for job reasons. Scribble devoted a lot of time to her foal, naming her 'Dizzy Print' from her 'dizzy' little crawls. At a young age it was clear Dizzy wasn't like other foals her age. She would often run into walls or trip over her own hooves. Her mother took her to the doctors and found out her daughter was extremely near sighted. So at a young age Dizzy had to wear thick glasses and obscured her pinkish-red eyes. When she had to go to school she would often get teased for her big thick glasses. Dizzy didn't mind it much. She always brushed it off as just jokes to laugh with at. She did fairly well in school and was often the teacher's favorite for her bright attitude and hard work. She had over heard something about a school paper from some teachers and wondered what happened to it. Asking she found out that no pony had wanted to continue it so it died out. She decided that it'd be a cool thing to bring it back and see what ponies would think of it. So she told her teacher and was brought to a dusty room with a mini news press inside. "Good luck." Working the majority of her recesses away she would often get ink in her white mane and hooves. She worked for a good 3 weeks, slowly and making sure she had some good material. Once she had published it she began passing it around school skipping around clumsily passing it to anypony who would accept it. She had gotten many good reviews and Dizzy's cutie mark showed up. She was ecstatic. She was so passionate about the paper that she even got a few recruits to help her out. The rest of her school days was filled with making papers and having a fun time with her school mates (Photo Flash, Pen Flick, Key Dash, and Pink Press). Once she was out of school she decided to work at the same press as her mother. They worked side by side and enjoyed their company. Scribble married after a few years and was expecting a new foal. Dizzy was happy as ever. Being a big sister seemed like a pretty great thing to her. As she worked hard to help her mother and step dad out(Inkwell Whitehooves) out she was totally unaware of her rising in the ranks as her new baby brother was born she had made her way to top reporter. As she did that she was sent to a famous designer's line to interview some designers there for a new article that is when she met her soon to be best friends, Lavender Thread and Mint Decora. 

MLP Desert Pearl by Badluckbadkat
MLP Desert Pearl

    So I decided to do a lil gft for my bestie Shinju ^-^ This is her pony Desert Pearl and her mane and tail were super fun
to draw actually and scrunchies like whoa guys. I love her little bit of 80s tbh. She's super cute and I like ponies sooo  


Desert Pearl {C} TheClansOf-TheValley aka shinjuTHEpearl 
My friends are pretty rad by Badluckbadkat
My friends are pretty rad
radical homeskillet

Sweetbee from TheClansoftheValley
Mint Decora MLP OC
Vitaly Pavloc from The-Burning-Parade

Characters {c} Badluckbadkat (Me)
Picture {c} Badluckbadkat (That is me) 

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